Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Star Wars Identities Exhibition at ArtScience Museum Is A Rare Delight

The Star Wars Identities Exhibition, which will open for the public this Saturday (30 January) at the ArtScience Museum (ASM), is something not to be missed!

The show was supposed to open last year, but then the coronavirus arrived, and Red Dot Island promptly went into a 2-month Circuit Breaker. For many months after, businesses and individuals were following strict safety protocols to help keep everyone healthy.

Despite the long wait, ASM and their partners Pico Pro, X3 Productions and Lucasfilm Ltd, the owner of the show's 200+ original Star Wars movie artefacts, have managed to produce a wonderful exhibition that will delight the franchise's fans - both long-timers as well as newbies.

Through several displays of props, concept artwork, sculpts, costumes and character profiles, Star Wars Identities is structured as an interactive personal journey for fans to learn how an identity is shaped in a lifetime.

Red Dot Diva managed to get a sneak peak of the exhibition, totally geeking out like an Ewok at a raucous forest rave. To keep some of the show's surprises and reveals more exciting for the visitors, she will only list down a few key highlights that you should look out for!


This is *THE* main highlight of the exhibition. It adds an educational and intriguing dimension to the usual static displays.

Through an RFID wristband, you will go through 10 stations along the way. As you listen to some of the Star Wars stories, and learn about the different elements that affect one's identity, you are given options like species, planet, culture, and personality. Just like the contrasting lives of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, the choices you make and the choices your buddy makes will reveal different sets of characters!

Red Dot Diva found it so much fun deciding whether to be a Wookiee or maybe a Twi'lek, determining if one had overbearing parents or those that let you do whatever you want, and affirming what is one's primary mantra.

All of your selected data will be captured in the RFID wristband, and at the end, your very own customised Star Wars identity and avatar will be revealed! Provide the system with your email address, and a more detailed profile will be sent to you so that you can share with your friends. 


The massive display of iconic Star Wars spaceships including the Imperial Star Destroyer, Tie Fighter, Mon Calamari Starcruiser and B-Wing Starfighter, was so creatively done. From a certain angle, it seemed as if the Rebel ships were chasing or heading straight into combat with the Imperial forces.

Take a while to stand around the display, as the engine whines of speeding spaceships surround you and bright starlights ripple as if you are standing on the deck of one of these ships.

And of course, there is a model prop of the galaxy's fastest hunk of junk - the Millennium Falcon - for you to admire as well.


Representing both the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force are displays of two masters from the Star Wars universe - Yoda and Darth Vader.

Pay your respects to the impish Jedi Master Yoda, and wonder at some early concept art of the character by art director Joe Johnston. One of which was the idea of a garden gnome like creature!

However, the grandeur and ominous aura of the Darth Vader model is simply breathtaking. (Or is that a Force C-chh-oke? Oh no.) No wonder the Dark Side has such a powerful allure.


Fans can view three of Padma Amidala's outfits in a stunning display. The costumes are, from left to right, the ethereal Parade Gown from The Phantom Menace, her iconic white jumpsuit from Attack of the Clones and regally purple Senate Gown from Revenge of the Sith.

Too bad, eye-catching Red Invasion Gown was not included because it is one of Red Dot Diva's personal favourite!


It is such a rare opportunity to worship at the shrine of concept designer Ralph McQuarrie. His ideas and creativity are so sublime.

Included in the range of McQuarrie's artwork was the one that started it all - a drawing of an early C-3PO and R2-D2 in Tatooine that helped George Lucas get the first Star Wars movie funded and produced by Fox Studios.

Most of McQuarrie's ideas remained intact in the films, and it's still wonderful to see some of his creations brought to life in recent Star Wars shows like Star Wars Rebels, The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian.

Other than the key highlights mentioned above, there are also droids on display that include fan favourites C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8, the meson taloscope (instrument used to test midi-chlorian levels), a model sculpt of Ahsoka, puppets of the pod racers from Phantom Menace, Stormtrooper costumes, amongst many more gems. More photos of will be posted on my RDD Instagram.

For those who want to wield the Force of the Wallet, there is a little gift shop selling the exhibition's merchandise like posters, books and apparel. (The Exhibition Catalogue recording every artefact featured may be worth a purchase at the price of SGD 20.)

Star Wars Identities has travelled around the world in the last few years, delighting fans in cities like London, Tokyo and Sydney. The one at ASM will be its final stop.

It is such a rare chance to view original items from the Star Wars franchise up close and personal. Especially now, with international travel bans and curbs continuing for quite awhile. So, don't miss visiting Star Wars Identities, and because of safety distancing measures, do get your tickets ASAP!

Oh, and you can redeem your SingapoRediscover vouchers for this show and any other exhibits at ASM too!


Starts: 30 January 2021

Ends: 13 June 2021

Where: Artscience Museum


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