Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Red Dot Diva and Filmmaker Perry Lam to Discuss about Genre Films in Singapore

Do you love genre films, and wonder why they rare exist in Red Dot Island? Will the short lived TV series VR Man be the only local fictional superhero ever to be realised on screen?

Red Dot Diva and award-winning film-maker Perry Lam will attempt to answer these intriguing questions at a Facebook livestream entitled ENDANGERED SPECIES: GENRE FILMS IN SINGAPORE this Saturday, 26 September at 1 PM Singapore Time (GMT +8).

Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Perry Lam is passionate about genre films, and consumes blockbuster movies as well as relatively obscure ones. Some of these genre movies have provided inspiration for his short films, which have won awards in various film festivals.

His student film BLACK RAT about a real-life crime-fighting vigilante in Sydney won Best Documentary at the Phoenix Comic Con 2016 Film Festival amongst several other achievements. His next film TONY, was a glimpse of post-apocalyptic world where humans have decided to live underground. The film was the winner for Annual Best Sci Fi at the Changing Face International Film Festival in Sydney 2018.

Perry's most recent film AFTER_LIFE was a made through the STOREYS initiative by IMDA. The poignant story about love and regret set just “10 minutes into the future”. AFTER_LIFE received positive reviews and it picked up the Annual Best Sci Fi award at this year’s Changing Face International Film Festival in Sydney. It was also recently translated and dubbed into Russian where it chalked up nearly 24,000 views on Youtube!!

Do grab a bucket of popcorn and join the discussion about the fate of genre films here, and whether like it or not, Jack Neo movies are all that Red Dot Islanders deserve.

DATE: 26 September 2020, Saturday

TIME: 1 PM, Singapore Time (GMT +8)

TO RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/320086799207366/

LIVESTREAM: www.facebook.com/reddotdiva/live

To watch some of Perry’s works - https://vimeo.com/perrylam29

Follow Perry on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/perrylam29

Watch AFTER_LIFE and other completed films in the “STOREYS” project here: https://www.storeys.video/watch-storeys

Red Dot Diva’s review of AFTER_LIFE - https://reddotdiva.blogspot.com/2020/04/singapore-short-movie-afterlife-perrylam.html


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