Saturday, September 19, 2020

Going Absolutely Bat-ty on Batman Day 2020

Nanananananana... It's Batman Day!!

Fans of Batman usually gather at local comic book shops to celebrate the superhero's birthday. He made his very first appearance ever in ‘‘Detective Comic’’ back in 1939. Since 2015, DC Comics has dedicated the third September of the year to be Batman Day.

Since many of us are still on lockdown, DC Comics has turned on the Bat-Signal on 19 September for an online celebration with the Dark Knight's international fans. There was a call for fans to build and share their own interpretation of the Bat-Signal, a DC Batman Virtual Run, a Batman Activity Kit for the family, and the best of all - free comics to read on DC's website!

No prizes for guessing who's Red Dot Diva's #1 favourite superhero either. Of course it is Mr Broody Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist before Iron Man was Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, Caped Crusader ‘‘I'm Batman’’ himself.

She had a field day spotting some Bat-gems on social media, while happily fantasizing she was part of the Bat-family. Here are some of them:


The inimitable Bill Sienkiewicz does it again with a glorious sublime artwork for Batman Day that is inspired by Matt Reeve's movie ‘‘THE BATMAN’’.

Red Dot Diva's eyes are still bleeding because this is so beautiful. 


Zack Snyder, who is currently busy working on the Snyder Cut of the ‘‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’’ movie together with HBO Max, has also offered fans a closer look of Batfleck and his suit.

The director has also shared his astute thoughts about Batman and what the character means to the fans.

Ever since Batfleck appeared in the DC movie universe, most fans have considered Ben Affleck's interpretation to be the best of all time. This sentiment is shared by Zack Snyder as well, who has referred to Batfleck as the 'Best Batman'. So, Red Dot Diva is eager to see what are the new scenes featuring Batfleck in the Justice League's Snyder Cut, which will premiere on HBO in 2021. (Although, ... *in whispered tones*... Red Dot Diva actually thinks Lego Batman is the 'Best Batman'.)


Artists and fans from all over the world have been posting their Batman artwork to show their love for the World's Greatest Detective, and here are some of the fun or lovely ones that Red Dot Diva particularly enjoyed.

A nice sexy one of The Bat and his Batman PJs by freelance artist Victor Regis, who hails from Brazil:

This adorable one of the Bat-family by Liz from Russia:

Oh, and Adam West, the iconic actor who portrayed Batman in the 1960s' TV series also shares his birthday with this year's Batman Day! Eisner Award-winning creator Francesco Francavilla creates an artwork for this special double-celebration:

An elegant take on Batman by Italian comic book writer and artist Enrico Marini:


As part of the Batman Day celebration, DC Comics presented fans with free Batman comics to read - BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT #1 by writer/ artist Sean Murphy, BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE #1 written by producers of the original animated TV series Paul Dini and Alan Burnett, with art by Ty Templeton and BATMAN TALES: ONCE UPON A CRIME by Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen.

Red Dot Diva read all three of the comics and found that she enjoyed BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT #1 the most. The Joker has escaped from Arkham Asylum and knows of an ancient secret about the history of the Waynes. He recruits Azrael to expose this truth so that Gotham will be shaken at its core.

Sean Murphy fuses imagery and words with such skill that you are drawn into the enigmatic mystery of the Wayne ancestry and its ties to Gotham. The story is both mythic and mystery, including good ol' sleuthing by Bruce Wayne with the help of the Bat family. Red Dot Diva is definitely tempted to pre-order the graphic novel which compiles issue #1 to #8.

BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE #1 was classic cartoony fun, with Batman fighting a giant robot and finding out who was behind the destructive mechanised creature. Lex suddenly appears in Gotham, so of course something is afoot!

As for BATMAN TALES: ONCE UPON A CRIME, the graphic novel consists of four stories. The one made available for free was a special edition taking readers on a dopey trip into a Wonderland created by supervillian Tetch. By some accident, Alfred stumbles through the looking glass, finds the Bat-family captured for the Mad Hatter's tea part, and tries to save them!

One of the DC news flash this week was the news that Matt Reeves' ‘‘THE BATMAN’’ has returned to production after the recent coronavirus scare. Red Dot Diva's friend Atty writes about Robert 'Battinson' and the widely anticipated movie in her blog. You can read her article here -

So, how did your Batman Day go? Hopefully, fans will be able the meet with each other for a proper in-person celebration in 2021!

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