Friday, April 17, 2020

Diva's Review: Scifi Short Film AFTER_LIFE by Perry Lam Tugs at the Heartstrings

It is usually during times of stress, isolation and uncertainty, that people tend to take stock of their lives. When you are forced to live in the company of those in your household for days on end, it can either be a bittersweet feeling, a sense of relief, or for many others, torrents of extreme frustration and anger.

However, during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the elderly are the most vulnerable of contracting and dying from the disease, most of us are holding our parents and grandparents nearer and dearer to us, even though they may be an annoyance in our daily lives.

The short local film called AFTER_LIFE is a reminder to appreciate those we love, and if you are brave, to verbally express that you love them too. Time and life can be fleeting, and in a moment, things that once know can change drastically.

AFTER_LIFE, written & directed by Australia-based Perry Lam, is a short story with a scifi twist. It tells the tale of a young man named Kurt, who learns to find meaning between the realms of imagination and reality, and how to deal with the consequences of his loss and regrets.

It is quite obvious that Perry Lam is a scifi fan with a penchant for alternative realities and artificial intelligence. He even throws in homages to iconic movies like Blade Runner. The cinematography poignantly captures the familiar HDBscape, which helps bring the film's theme closer to heart.

Thankfully, unlike many other local indie shorts that Red Dot Diva has seen, AFTER_LIFE does not include long lingering shots of inanimate objects that serve little to move the story forward. The focus is on Kurt and his personal journey, and actor Kris Mavericko puts on a truly moving performance, expressing deep wells of guilt and pain on his beautiful face without the need to utter too many words.

By the way, look out for Kris Mavericko, who will be in TokuAsia's upcoming SACRED GUARDIAN SINGA movie as the villainous Dr. Sam Patel.

Now, are you ready to open your heart for some heavy Feelz?

Here's the short film AFTERLIFE :

If you have watched it and cried (or was that due to too much sanitizer?), it is OK.
*hands over tissue box*

Just go and give your loved ones a hug or do something nice for them as what may actually matter most is "Right Now".


AFTERLIFE was selected as part of an IMDA-supported initiative called “STOREYS”. The initiative, which was launched in 2019, aims to discover, fund, and promote independent content creators who wanted to tell stories that matter to Singaporeans. The selected film creators receive guidance from award-winning mentors - Nas Daily, Josiah Ng, Head of Film and Social Content at advertising firm DDB Group Singapore, and Diogo Martins, Lead of Content & Community at at

The other selected short films are also at “STOREYS” website for viewing. They range from animation films to a documentary about sea pollution or a charming take on the martial arts genre.

Go check them out!

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