Sunday, August 16, 2020

Guest Host on Red Dot Diva's Next Facebook Livestream - Carlo Jose San Juan (MD) of Callous Comics

For Red Dot Diva's monthly Facebook livestream, she has moved beyond the shores of Red Dot Island to feature her first overseas guest - Carlo Jose San Juan (MD) of Callous Comics!

Yes, Carlo Jose San Juan is a medical doctor from Manila, the Philippines. He also churns out Callous Comics cartoons on an admirably consistent and prolific rate. As it turns out, Callous Comics is celebrating its 24th Anniversary this year, having shared numerous snapshots of physician Dr. Rianne Nicah's daily life, together with her Guardian Duck named Cal Duck, and her group of friends.

It has not been easy for Dr. Carlo as well as his main comic character Rianne during this on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the tough challenges that have turned the world upside down, Callous Comics' outlook remains brave and hopeful.

The “A DOSE OF THE BRIGHT SIDE” livestream will set aside an hour of conversation where Dr. Carlo will share about his experiences navigating life with two interesting professions, and how he manages to remain positive during such difficult times. Red Dot Diva and her guest will also chat about the meaning of art during a worldwide pandemic and the rise of web comics in recent times.

Red Dot Diva hopes that the you will come onboard the next Facebook Live, and join in for a dose of optimism so that we can all get through this time together.

DATE: 29 August 2020, Saturday

TIME: 1 PM, Singapore Time (GMT +8)


Dr. Carlo has also written a 4-issue comic book series IMMORTAL WINGS in collaboration with Eisner-nominated artist Rod Espinosa. The comic is about a cosmic dragon-riding bounty hunter. You can find out more about Carlo Jose San Juan's portfolio and works here -


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