Sunday, January 26, 2020

Daniel Radcliffe is a Medieval Prince in Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, Premieres 29 January 2020 on Warner TV Asia!

For those whose head canon consists of Daniel Radcliffe being a prince, your wish has been granted!

In “MIRACLE WORKERS: DARK AGES”, Daniel Radcliffe returns to the anthology series created by humourist Simon Rich, together with cast mates Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni, Jon Bass, and Lolly Adefope. The series premieres on 29 January 2020 at 10:40 PM, and will air weekly, on every Wednesday, via Warner TV (Star Hub TV CH. 515 and Singtel TV CH. 306).

It is the medieval times, and a group of peasants are trying to cope with the "extreme income inequality, poor healthcare, and widespread ignorance", not to mention the danger of being publicly killed in the village square for any small reason. Meanwhile, the insipid Prince tries to live up to his ancestors' badassery and bloodlust, except that all he is really interested in are his ducks. Yep, you read it right. Ducks.

Check out the “MIRACLE WORKERS: DARK AGES” trailer here:

Judging from the teaser, "DARK AGES" is chockful of absurd, meta moments, especially when one compares these to how political events are unfolding in the current times. Absurdity is already becoming a norm. Daniel Radcliffe continues to prove how adept he is with goofy, quirky characters. And as for Steve Buscemi, the actor is always a scene stealer. This season also includes Peter Serafinowicz as the bloodthirsty King.

If you are new to “MIRACLE WORKERS”, see if you can catch the first season based on Simon Rich's book “What in God's Name”, about an inefficiently run Heaven Inc, which would remind most of us about our own workplace.

The same primary cast took on different roles in this season, with Steve Buscemi as an illiterate slacker God who is weary about humanity and decides to destroy Earth to start a fusion restaurant. Daniel Radcliffe shows off his comedic timing playing a timid yet diligent low-level angel named Craig Bog who works in the Department of Answered Prayers. The team of heavenly beings include Karan Soni as ambitious but effective arch angel-executive Sanjay Prince, and Geraldine Viswanathan is Eliza Hunter, a newly transferred angel who is determined to stop God from destroying the Earth by making a couple fall in love.

Red Dot Diva felt that the humour did not quite land in Season 1, but the talented cast is what you should be looking out for. Hopefully, the writers have tightened up their story-telling, so that "DARK AGES" will have even funnier and more astute observations to offer. There are some hilarious scenes shown in the trailer, especially the one about education in the Dark Ages, so Red Dot Diva thinks the series is still worth a watch!

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