Friday, March 8, 2019

Triple Frontier Biceps Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund at Red Carpet Event, Singapore


Not only was the weather scorching hot yesterday, the area at Marina Bay Sands' Digital Light Canvas rose to a few hundred degrees Celsius in the evening as well.

Why, you ask? Because three-fifths of the Special Ops Boyband aka as Netflix's action thriller-heist-drug cartel war movie called “Triple Frontier” - Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedland plus producer Chuck Roven - were in town for a red carpet event.

Red Dot Diva was there to check out those hunky biceps and here are some of the details of what went down during those couple of hours.

The fan area opened at about 4 PM for those who had tickets for the event. Unlike other red carpet events, this one seemed pretty chill. The layout was neatly designed with clearly marked out areas for fans to stand in. Security and crew also seemed clear with their instructions given, and there was a generous space for the media folks right in front of the stage.

There was only a handful of fans who were very early. Up till 6 PM or so, there was a still lots of space available for more people to get onto the fan pit. Before the Netflix PR folks arrived, Red Dot Diva was still unsure if she wanted to stand with the fans (better chance of selfies and autographs), or get into the media pit. In the end, she decided to sacrifice the chance for possible (sometimes blurry) selfies, for the opportunity to take clearer pics up close for social media and the RDD blog. You can thank her much much by following her blog and social media accounts. ;)

Check out the striking red carpet, all ready for the stars to walk on. While everyone was waiting, Class 95 DJs The Muttons got everyone warmed up, gave out some swag, and introduced the fans to the “Triple Frontier” trailer.

The event was scheduled to start at 7 PM, but it half an hour later when the first guest, producer Chuck Roven, arrived on the red carpet. He was all smiles, and seemed happy to be meeting the fans.

Following close behind him was a smartly dressed Garrett Hedlund, who surprisingly, had a mob of ardent fans! They were armed with signs, and Sharpies and lots of loud screams.

Red Dot Diva was looking for Ben Affleck in the melee of official photographers, minders and Netflix crew members. She finally spotted him across, calmly making his way down the red carpet.  He was wearing a white shirt, chewing gum, and taking loads of selfies with fans, and signing autographs. Red Dot Diva had always thought Ben Affleck to be a very intense sort of guy, but he looked very chillax last night.

Here's a pic of my friends Andre and Jayson who scored a cool selfie with Ben!

The last to meet the fans along the red carpet was the hunky Charlie Hunnam. By then, there was a slight rush to get the four guests to pose for a photo call at the Netflix wall, and get on stage.

Still, my same geek pals managed to get a quick selfie with him too!

There was a media frenzy right in front of the photo call, and being short, Red Dot Diva could only manage to get a couple of shots here and there. Charlie Hunnam looks swoonsome from any angle. Argh. Very jialat. So hot until can die.

Since it was pointless to try getting the group shots at the photo wall, Red Dot Diva decided to swoop into the stage area. She managed to snag the front row.

The Muttons asked the guests what were the impressions of Singapore, and here's a video of what they said. They all looked handsome saying those standard pat answers, so who cares what they said? :D

Charlie Hunnam also mentioned how he has known Garrett Hedlund for years, and they are such close friends that they even look like brothers. Garrett agreed and said in a deadpan manner, that he could not see any difference between the two of them. Charlie then added that their looks and gestures were so similar that writer-director J.C. Chandor decided to change and re-write their roles to be brothers.

When asked to share about their experiences filming for the role, Ben Affleck talked about how they spent some time with actual members from Special Ops to help them prepare for the role. 

As for Charlie Hunnam, he regaled the crowd with a story about how he had to swim with mules for a particular scene. Nope, not drug mules. Actual mules of the four-legged variety, and that these animals were very fast swimmers!

The cast were asked about their pitch for the show, and why fans should tune in to watch “Triple Frontier”. Garrett had the funniest (lame but funny), that the best thing about “Triple Frontier” was that it will be on Netflix, and people can stream it any time, or watch it on repeat. Ben Affleck fervently agreed, saying that one can simply rewind, or pause, and then go get a drink, and continue again.

Ben Baby, here's the thing. Red Dot Diva is not going to hit pause while watching the show just to get a drink. She will be doing that quite a few times, at many junctures, to stare at those pairs of sweaty but gorgeous Special Ops Boyband biceps. YUMZ.

Soon, it was time for the cast to go. Together with the Muttons and the fans behind them (actually mostly media -- spot the Red Dot Diva!), a wefie was taken for posterity.

Then, they all waved, said their goodbyes, and were quickly ushered off stage. Charlie Hunnam, however, backtracked and pointed to the group of fans at the side of the red carpet, saying that he promised to go back and take selfies with them. What a Sweetheart! He took his time, making sure the fans who were still there, had a few seconds with him before he was guided off the red carpet.

The “Triple Frontier” is one of the most organized and chilled out red carpet event Red Dot Diva has attended in recent years. Granted that the crowd was not as insane as those for the Marvel movies, but the upside was that the event felt more intimate, and the actors seemed more relaxed and willing to share more time with the fans.

If there is ever going to be “Quadruple Frontier”,  Red Dot Diva is ready to lend her biceps to be an accomplice for another heist adventure. She will also be more than ready to snorkel with mules so long as Charlie Hunnam is in the same pool.

Triple Frontier” premieres on Netflix on 13 March 2019!


Red Dot Diva “ will be attending the Triple Frontier” on early Saturday morning (9 Mar). Look out for more pics and vids in her social media feed!

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