Sunday, November 11, 2018

M Malls Goes Pokémon-Themed at Christmas, So You Gotta Catch 'Em All

Have you ever watched Youtube videos of the Evee and Pikachu dance in Japan and wished that there will be a similar one here in Red Dot Island? Well, your Christmas wish will come true at M Malls' shopping centres AMK Hub, Jurong Point and Thomson Plaza from 16 November to 26 December!

The malls will celebrate the holidays with a Pokémon-themed Christmas, complete with installations and decorations. The most kawaii segment of the celebration will be the mascot dance, with a debut appearance and performance by Eevee! A cuddly-huddle of 6 Pikachus and Eevees, as well as Santa Helpers will be making their rounds at all 3 malls to perform the dance, and shoppers will have the chance to take photos with them too!

The Pikachu and Eevee dance performance times are:
AMK Hub 
7 - 9 Dec at 3 PM
14 - 16 Dec at 7 PM

Thomson Plaza 
8 - 9 Dec at 7 PM
22 - 23 Dec at 7 PM

Jurong Point 
14 Dec at 3 PM
15 - 16 Dec at 3 PM
21 Dec at 7 PM
22 - 23 Dec at 4 PM

The meet and greet sessions with Pikachu:
AMK Hub - at 7 PM on all dates
24 - 25 Nov
1 - 2 Dec
8 - 9 Dec
15 - 16 Dec
21 - 24 Dec

Thomson Plaza
8 - 9 Dec at 5 PM
15 - 16 Dec at 2 PM

Jurong Point
30 Nov at 4 PM
1 - 2 Dec at 2 PM
7 Dec at 4 PM
8 - 9 Dec at 2 PM
14 Dec at 4 PM
15 - 16 Dec at 2 PM
21 Dec at 4 PM
22 - 23 Dec at 2 PM

At Jurong Point, you can go googley-eyed at Red Dot Island's very first life-sized Pokémon decorations. AMK Hub and Thomson Plaza will also be decked out in Pokémon-themed ornaments and displays. Making these venues Instagram-worthy spots for those who love taking selfies and wefies.

To add on to the festive cheer, there are the following promotions going on in all 3 malls:

1. Pokémon-themed Carnival Games 
Spend $20 at the malls ($30 at NTUC Fairprice/ Fairprice Xtra/ Fairprice Finest) in a single same-day receipt and redeem a game pass to the carnival! If you want to enjoy a fuller carnival experience, head to AMK Hub, where together with travelling fun fair Uncle Ringo, there will be spinning tea cups, pirate ship rides and more. Shoppers can buy a ticket costing $5 to join in the fun at the carnival here.
AMK Hub / Thomson Plaza - 3 to 16 Dec, 12 PM to 8 PM
Jurong Point - 10 - 23 Dec, 12 PM to 8 PM

2. Pokémon Wrapping Paper (From 16 Nov onwards)
You can redeem a set of exclusive Pokémon gift wrapper and game booklet when you purchase $80 of items at the mall ($120 at NTUC Fairprice/ Fairprice Xtra/ Fairprice Finest)

3. Limited Edition Pokémon Tumblers (From 16 Nov to 23 Dec)
Look at this range of cute and colourful Pokémon tumblers! There are 6 different, limited edition designs. To have one of your own, you have to spend $160 ($240 at NTUC Fairprice/ Fairprice Xtra/ Fairprice Finest) in a maximum of 3 combined, same-day receipts.

4. Exclusive Pokémon Plushies (From 3 Dec to 26 Dec)
This is a super rare one for the hardcore collectors - Pikachu and Vulpix in Christmassy costumes! The plushies are exclusive to M Malls. Spend $300 ($450 at NTUC Fairprice/ Fairprice Xtra/ Fairprice Finest) in a maximum of 4 combined, same-day receipts, and you can bring one home and cuddle during the holidays.

It is not all about shopping and collectibles though! Pokémon trainers can also try out the new RPG video games - Let's Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go Evee - on Nintendo Switch at the carnival.

Gosh! So many Pokémon things to see and do. What a glorious chance for Pokémon lovers to Catch 'Em All at M Malls this Christmas!

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