Monday, August 27, 2018

STGCC 2018 - Adi Granov, Stephanie Hans, James C. Mulligan, Simone Legno and Reis O'Brien Announced as Guests

ReedPop sure took their time in announcing the third wave of STGCC 2018 guests, but the list was just released a few hours ago, and many of them are returning guests. These include more comic book guests, namely Adi Granov and Stephanie Hans.

Currently working exclusively for Marvel, Adi Granov is already familiar with fans, as he has been attending STGCC as a guest for a few years now. He is best known for his conceptual and illustrations in the MCU, which include design work for conceptual designer and illustrator on movies such as the "Iron Man" movies 1 to 3, "The Avengers", "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Black Panther".

It is nice to know that Stephanie Hans will be returning to STGCC as well. Her vibrant artwork (with a penchant for the colour red) has graced the covers of comic titles like Image Comics' "The Wicked and the Divine 1831", Dark Horse's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12", and Marvel's "Jessica Jones" and "Ms. Marvel" - just to name a few!

Collage of artwork by James Mulligan

Also meeting the fans again this year's convention is Disney's official artist James C. Mulligan, whose ties with the Mouse has spanned over two decades! His art of well known celebrities and Disney characters are simply gorgeous. He also does very entertaining performances and live drawings on stage, as those who were at last year's STGCC can attest to!

On the local front, Mr Kiasu's creator Johnny Lau will be meeting fans and signing the 10th volume of the beloved comic book series at Action City's booth during the convention.


Ahhh! Yet again, Red Dot Island's favourite toy designer and co-founder of tokidoki, Simone Legno, will be back in town for STGCC. His booth and Walk of Fame sessions are always busy, so if you want to get him to sign anything, be super kiasu and get in line VERY VERY early!

STGCC-exclusive tokidoki items, like the tokidoki x Hello Kitty Series 2, various collectibles and other exclusives from San Diego Comic-Con will be available at Action City's booth.

Popular collectible vinyl brand FUNKO's Lead Designer Reis O'Brien will be attending the convention too, thanks to local toy company Simply Toys. He is also the creator of Tiny Ghost under the company name, Bimtoy.

There are limited passes given out for each autograph session with Reis, so do check out Simply Toys' Facebook page link below to see how you can score a chance to meet him in person!

Under the umbrella of Toys to Art Showcase, the collective will be bringing in 4 toy designer guests from Japan!

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They are Teresa Chiba, Kaori Hinata (creator of the adorable "Morris - The Cat with Antlers"), Yasu Ebineko, and Nakao Teppei!

Other guests include talented clothing & wearable art designer/ cosplayer Olivia Mears aka Avantgeek, who also happens to be the ambassador of SINGER Sewing Company since 2017. She will be teaching sewing and host costume panels at STGCC.

Taiwanese Cosplayer AJO will be joining the show as well as a slew of Japanese talents like D-Yama, Fukuoka Kanbe Girls, ginrei, Mai Omori, Maimu Kurume, MauKana, Polyphonix, Rie Yunohara, Sae Tsukiyama, Shiraga Yanko, Shouya Namai and illustrator wingheart.

If you think that you have gone back in time, Red Dot Diva feels the same way too. Majority of the guests are repeat names who are coming back to the show. They are all awesome personalities, and it is flattering to know that they enjoy the local and regional fans' exuberance and admiration that they are willing to fly all the way back to Red Dot Island. Best of all, the fans who have missed out on meeting them previously, have another chance to catch them again at STGCC 2018!

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