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STGCC 2018: Booth Highlight - Spice Up Your Art Collection with Graphicurry!

Pop-culture icons, well-known personalities and celebrities are transformed into colourful, humourous yet spot-on caricatures in the deft hands of Bangalore-based artist Prasad Bhat. His design studio and company name Graphicurry is as wittily conceived as his art pieces.

With Prasad's special knack of being able to distill the essence of a person's features into impressive and unique Vector artwork, he has amassed a large number of followers and fans spanning across the globe. Red Dot Diva herself is quite a fan of his "Evolution of" graphic series.

This year, Graphicurry will be making an appearance at the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) Artist Alley for the very first time. Red Dot Diva managed to ask the company's brainchild Prasad Bhat some nosy questions, before he makes his way to Red Dot Island.

Red Dot Diva: How you get into the career of design and illustration? Have you always drawn caricatures, or did you switch to that mode later on in your artistic career?
Prasad: I was born to be an artist. However, peer and societal pressures pushed me into graduating as an engineer. I finished my engineering however, my heart never agreed to settle into an IT job. I started my career in designing with some design firms and then started Graphicurry in 2010 on my own to showcase my creations to the world. Graphicurry is my sole proprietorship and the entire works and concepts created in the last 8 years as from me.

Red Dot Diva: How would you describe your art style? Is your art style inspired or influenced by any artists or creative persons?
Prasad: I specialize in caricature portraits in Vector format. However, I think the reason people love my work is because my caricatures make them smile. I always loved that because I have an element of humor in me which comes out in various ways artistically. I think I have grown into evolving an exclusive art style which is immediately recognizable across the globe now. However, any artist nurtures his or her own talents by studying and learning from other beautiful minds.

Red Dot Diva: What do you think are the key essentials when drawing caricatures?
Prasad: You need to have a facial interpretation in your mind. How you see a person and how you perceive them will define how you will illustrate them. Each caricature artist has a distinct way of capturing faces but what makes it amazing is how they capture the resemblance. Because when it is about caricatures, it is all about the likeness.

Red Dot Diva: Your subject matter draws a lot from pop culture references. What is your consumption rate of music, movies and pop culture news like? Do you scour such news first thing in the morning?
Prasad: Internet runs in my blood! I have an insatiable appetite for movies and shows. I watch everything unbiased and that has helped me absorb a lot of information from various genres of work. I am also a musician and that makes sure that I am always up to date with any music that is released anywhere in the world. People often ask me how I find time for all of this. All I say is, you got to make time. 

Red Dot Diva: Out of so many caricatures that you have drawn, whose likeness was the hardest to nail down?
Prasad: All the pretty ladies with perfect features are the most difficult to capture as a caricature! You just can’t do justice to their beauty. Caricature artists feast on imperfections.

Red Dot Diva: What have been your most favourite art projects so far?
Prasad: There are too many to mention. But when I created the entire cast of Seinfeld, it was a leap for me in terms of my illustrative style, detailing and the effort involved. That one is surely close to my heart.

Red Dot Diva: You have an amazing presence on social media. Do you remember when your number of followers started to increase exponentially? What tips can you offer to fellow artists for building a viable brand online?
Prasad: I think my ideas and concepts got maximum recognition when I brought out my exclusive concept of character Evolution. It showcased each character in their various avatars as we have seen them on television or life. This was a fresh and unique concept that just broke the internet! My advice would be to keep digging for novelty in your work and style and stay in vogue.

Red Dot Diva: What made you decide take up a booth at STGCC? Did you hear about the show from other artists that you know?
Prasad: I knew about STGCC for a while and wanted to be a part of it. I have exhibited my collection in Dubai and Australia with partners at Comic Conventions. Middle East Film and Comic Convention also honored me with the best collection award in 2016. I just couldn’t work out the timelines with my projects to make Singapore happen sooner. I have heard all things good from fellow artists and hoping to experience it in person.

Red Dot Diva: Have you already mapped out the things that you are going to do when you're in Singapore?
Prasad: I am dedicating this entire visit to work and collaborations. I have a lot of friends to catch up with as well. I have been to Singapore earlier and can’t wait to be there again this time.

Red Dot Diva: So, tell us ... give us a sneak peek. What awesome stuff will you be offering at your booth?
Prasad: The latest from my collection and some of the never seen before works are going to be showcased at my booth. This is the first time I am personally going to be at the event in Singapore, I am looking forward to meeting a lot of wonderful people there.


Do visit Graphicurry's art at their STGCC 2018's artist alley at Booth AA-61.

STGCC will be held on 8 & 9 September at Marina Bay Sands Expo.

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