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Japan Park Singapore, 4 & 5 August 2018 - Experience the Delights of 47 Prefectures of Japan!

Just for this weekend, you do not need to fly to Japan in order to experience the traditions, and gather insights on the lifestyle and culture of the country. You just need to head to Japan Park Singapore exhibition at Suntec Convention Centre!

The show is a one-stop destination for a taste of all 47 prefectures in Japan. It is an ambitious feat that was pulled off by the show organizer Amuse Entertainment Singapore, together with partners Bushiroad, OJ Partners and WAttention, and support from SOZO (the creators of Anime Festival Asia), Japan Creative Centre (JCC), JNTO Singapore Office and JETRO Singapore.

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Based on the media preview of Japan Park Singapore, here are some of the Wonderful Things to Experience at Japan Park SG:

When it comes to priorities, good food is pretty much at the top of the list for most locals. In the WA-SHIOK Gourmet Festa area, one will find much delectable yum yums to choose from!

During the media preview, Red Dot Diva had a taste of the sausage from Teppei Syokudo booth. The juicy meat had a flavourful crunch to it. Don't miss getting one of these!

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Ginza Lion, one of Red Dot Diva's favourite eating places, has a set up in this zone too. Their beef rice bowl is hearty soul food, with a half-boiled egg spilling over the ender meat slices and soft fluffy rice.

The hot favourite in this zone will undoubtedly be the Keisuke Ramen King stall. The outlet is offering event exclusive ramen bowls for both days of the show! The creamy seafood themed Keisuke Queen Ramen Special will be available on 4 August, while the pork broth and mushroom themed Keisuke King Ramen Special can be tasted on 5 August. The line at the booth was so long at the media preview that Red Dot Diva did not manage to try the ramen, but if you have already purchased the "Exclusive Ramen by Keisuke - Ramen King Special" pass, you will be able to snag a bowl of specially made ramen!

For sake lovers, don't waste time. Just head to the Ippin booth! Besides some small bites like french fries with wasabi, and fried oysters, the booth is selling different special varieties of sake! There are fruit-based ones made of strawberry, yuzu and peach, and an interesting matcha sake as well. The best one that Red Dot Diva managed to sample at the preview was a plum sake. It was real smooth and the balance of plum with the rice wine was just perfect.

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The main action on the show floor will be held at the Omakase Stage. During both days, there are a wide range of live performances and talk shows, including appearances from guests like local swimmer and Olympic medal winner, Joseph Schooling.

The spectrum of topics include technology and engineering, with Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, the creator of DIY De Agostini “Robi” and award-winning "Evolta" appearing on stage to talk about robotics.

On the cultural end of the spectrum, the distinguished family of Nishikawa, will showcase the traditional Odori dance. During the preview, the dancers performed different types of dances, which were elegant, sombre, and yet mesmerizing. They also demonstrated an interesting kind of dance-exercise called Noss, that gives a gentle all-round workout for one's back, ankles, calves, wrists as well as the brain, because there is a sequence of movements to remember.

Red Dot Diva thinks that 20-year-old Okinawan singer Kiwako Ashimine is the one to look out for on stage. Confident and sultry, Kiwa-Chan delivered her songs with silky and clear vocals that belie her young age. She even composed a sad love song when she was in third grade. Much talent this one. Do look out for her live performance at the show!

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Besides these guests, sumi-e artist OKAZU will be drawing live on stage. There will be a talk show with Japanese wrestler, Jushin Thunder Liger, appearances by cosplayers Enako and KANAME, and a sumisen rock band performance by Kuni-Ken. J-Rock legends Sunplaza Nakano Kun and Papala Kawai are also eager to entertain the crowd at the show, so that everyone will be able to have a punk rockin' good time!

Click here to see the entire schedule of the Omakase Stage on both days!

In the Discover Japan section, where you can find broadcasting company NHK with their famous mascot Domo, tour agencies, and booths highlighting the sights and events held in different Japanese cities.

The Daruma booth by Takasaki City is the most eye-catching with a display of daruma dolls of 12 different colours. You can choose your fave colour if you bought the “Lucky Daruma Package”. Better be quick though. Limited quantities per colour available on show days!

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After you have redeemed you daruma, you can take a selfie at the interactive booth! So much fun!

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There is also the Lifestyle & Technology area, which consists of booths like Robi, the Tatami Shop, Sony, and Mitsubishi Motors. However, those who love dogs, must go to San-ei Company's stall, where kawaii, handcrafted toy plushies can be purchased! 

The CharaExpo Mini section is the games and anime section. Making their presence felt there will be Bushiroad Entertainment with their table top / card games, publishing house Shogakukan Asia (who, by the way, are the ones who brought popular local character Mr Kiasu back on the limelight), and entertainment company Amuse Singapore, who will be offering merchandise and CDs.

Japan Park Singapore is a rare opportunity for folks to have a peek of the different cultures, food, merchandise and art from 47 prefectures of Japan in one place. Red Dot Diva thinks it shows a lot of promise and seems like a fun place to spend time with family and friends on a weekend.

So, if you are in the mood to immerse yourself in a Japanese setting for a day or two, tickets are on sale on site (with no bonus credits). Do note that purchases have to be made via credits that are loaded onto the RFID wrist bands. Cash will not be accepted, so do get your credits at the booth outside the hall before you head into the show hall!


Venue: Suntec Convention Hall, 403/ 404
Dates: 4 & 5 August 2018
Opening time: 10 AM

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