Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's Marches Draw Millions Across The Globe

There was a great disturbance in the Force yesterday, 21 January 2017, a day after the inauguration of Sith Lord Donald Trump as the 45th POTUS.

With the man taking over the reins of the highest power in the U.S., the rights of women as well as those of minorities, immigrants and LGBTQ seem to be more at stake than ever before. Neither have the men he chose to serve in his cabinet manage to instill confidence that the people's rights are not being threatened.

The constant fight for equality, representation and diversity is a familiar thing for women everywhere. It takes place at home, at school and in the workplace, and started from the very day you were born.

Never abating, the struggle continues and sometimes, it feels like a lost cause. Then there are days where you strive to keep up with the momentum and do or die, to have your voice heard because you are, in a way, also standing up for your fellow sisters who may not have a similar opportunity to speak for themselves. Red Dot Diva feels ... has been living with such strong sentiments. She believes most of you do too.

At the Women's Marches across several cities in the U.S., activists gathered and rallied for women's rights. The grassroot-organized march was estimated to be the biggest protest in the history of the U.S. with over a million participants. About half a million people converged in Washington D.C. with hundreds of thousands of others in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Denver.

That was not all. The Women's Marches spread across the world and were held in other cities like London, Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, amplifying the need to have their voices heard and standing up for their rights.

The chant "Love not hate, makes America great." echoed in Denver:

There were well-known celebrities who joined in the demonstration, for their sisters, their friends, their daughters and mothers, and yes, even for their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons. Red Dot Diva believes, that like anyone, celebrities have the right to voice out their beliefs and opinions too. Sometimes because of their status, they have louder voices that carry far and wide, and that is not a bad thing in this instance. For many people, they do matter.

Here are a few of Red Dot Diva's favourite celebrities who took part in the protests yesterday, starting with TV's "Supergirl", Melissa Benoist, making a bold challenge.

A photo posted by Uzo Aduba (@uzoaduba) on

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Some of Red Dot Diva's friends were also marching for the cause. You guys, Rock!

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Pic by @Apparition

Admittedly Red Dot Diva can be quite the cynic, so she gets those who question how these protests would help improve matters in any way. However, in this particular instance, she chooses to believe in the power of one's Voice and the power of the People, and that positive actions spur positive changes, not just for those in the U.S., but for those around the world.

If there were ever a chance in ever that protests are legal in Red Dot Island, you can count that Red Dot Diva will be there in a similar march. For now, writing and publishing this article is her small Nasty Woman way of standing in solidarity with her sisters in the U.S.


Thank you Teresa Shook for putting out the first invite to Women's March.

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