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Pokémons Everywhere! Go on the Poke Trail at Singapore Changi Airport

Red Dot Diva is not a Pokémon game player, and yet, she is totally attracted to the uber-cute designs of the characters. See? The game is so evil that it can even lure a non-gamer!

Changi Airport has been cashing in on the Pokémon craze this 2016/ 2017 festive season, with various installations and activities up till 11 Feb 2016. That means, the fun stuff will be around till after Chinese New Year!

Amongst all the activities, Red Dot Diva thought going on the Poké Trail was the most fun. She loves a good hunt and in fact, she went back to Changi Airport three times to try to catch 'em all. Well, at least those that are in the public areas!

A new batch of Pokémons appeared around the airport terminals on 5 December 2016, so on Christmas Eve, she went to check them out together with geek gal pal, Jas. That was her 3rd attempt at searching for the little critters.

Here's Red Dot Diva's route for the Poké Trail around the public areas. If you are coming by train or bus, it may be easiest to start from Terminal 3. When you find the Pokémons, do not forget to take a selfie with them. Then, post at least 3 selfies on your social media accounts with the hashtag #PokemonatChangi. You will get a chance to win something at the lucky spin.

Terminal 3

1. Exiting from the bus terminal at the Basement, walk toward the fountain near the the food court. Behind it is a planter and there you will find Chespin, Tepig and Oshawott.

(Note: There are more awesome installations in T3, but Red Dot Diva suggests to save the best for last and head to T2 first.)

Terminal 2
1. On the same level in T3, head toward the MRT station. Do not go down to the station. Instead, use the walkway to connect directly to T2, and head to the Departure Hall for the Snorlax Garden.


Seeing those adorable life-sized Snorlaxes doing what they are famous for made Red Dot Diva feel like snoozing with them. Too bad, the constant flow of tourist-paparazzi is does get a bit much. Just be patient, and you will get a good shot of the Snorlaxes.

2. Wander down a little further and there is a Pokemon activity area. You can't miss it, it's bright yellow in colour. Before you do the activities, click to the Pokémon at Changi website with your mobile phone and get your QR code. Then, go have fun and play at the interactive video booths!

There is the quirky Narikiri Face Painting booth where you can record a festive e-card, and the Pokemon Z-Moves, where you can level up on all your trainer attack poses with Litten, Rowlet and Popplio! Post both videos onto your social media, and you will get a cardboard Pikachu hat.

Red Dot Diva had a good laugh being an overgrown kid for a few minutes. Oh, and you will also get to meet Pikachu!

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3. Walk toward the end of the departure hall, and there's a mini display where a few Pokémons are grouped together. They are Buneary, both Shelloses (from the West Sea and East Sea) and another sleepy Snorlax!

4. Head down to the Arrival Terminal one floor down, and you will find Froakie taking in the greenery at the Taxi Stand.

5. Walk toward the Skytrain and on the way, you will see another Buneary and Snivy hanging out together in a garden.

6. Board the Skytrain to T1, but don't forget to take photos of the trains too. There is one yellow Pikachu one and a blue one decorated with Pokémons that include Lunala and Litten.

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Terminal 1
1. The main highlight of T1 is the Pokémon plush Christmas tree consisting of Eevee, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, topped by a few very dejected Pikachus. Christmas may be over, but the tree is most probably still be there. Catch it before it gets dismantled!

Sad Pikachus. Awww....

2. Head back toward the Skytrain to return to T3. On the way, you will meet Axew.

(Pichu is supposed to be near the Skytrain heading toward T2, but Red Dot Diva did not walk in that direction. Maybe time to do one more Poke Trial jaunt? hahaha!)

Terminal 3
1. As you exit the Skytrain, you are greeted by another huddle of Pokémons. There is the cheeky looking Chimchar, who seems to be having some gleeful moments with Turtwig and Piplup.

2. Walk back to T3's Departure terminal. Near the giant Pikachu installation is a redemption booth which looks like a small wooden hut. Show the person manning the booth the 3 selfies you posted on social media and do the lucky spin. Prizes include luggage tags or stickers!

3. Tada! The main installation of the giant 7m Pikachu and the glorious 8m Poke ball, LED-lighted Christmas trees are just round the corner!

They are still there, but Red Dot Diva wonders if the Changi Airport is going to some magic and change the decor to something suited to Chinese New Year. Will Pikachu be wearing a Chinese hat soon?

There used to be a Snorlax at the corner of the Toymaker's Gingerbread  House, but he probably got hugged and accosted too much and was moved to T2's Snorlax Garden, where he could have more peaceful zzzzzs.

4. Walk back to where you first started, i.e. toward the escalators going down to the MRT station. There is another activity booth before that, where you can go for another round of Narikiri Face Painting and the Pokemon Z-Moves, if you want to.

Do keep checking the Pokemon at Changi website to see where and when the activity booths are still in operation, as those at different terminals may close on different dates.

During all 3 times when Red Dot Diva was at T3, the why-you-so-cute Rowlet, Litten and Popplio have plonked themselves in front of the activity area.

There were two Pokémons in T3 that Red Dot Diva did not manage to catch at all. These were Lunala and Solgaleo. Her friend Jas managed to get hold of them on one of her earlier trips to T3 (see pics below).

Based on recent Instagram feeds, it seems Lunala and Solgaleo have turned up again in T3, around the vicinity of the activity booth.

Having done an entire circle round all three terminals, this wraps up Red Dot Diva's recommended route for the Poké Trail. Perhaps, if you want to take home a collectible, you can shop at the airport. Pokémon plush toys are still available for redemption for SGD 9.90, if you spend more than SGD 60 at the public areas!

Nanoblock Pokemons, anyone?

Look at the cute plushies!

Good luck on the Poké Trail, and have lots of fun!

Note: The Pokémons found by Red Dot Diva were correct as at 24 December 2016. Diva suspects that they may move around, but she thinks that many will generally be around the same spot!

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