Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Synths are Back! Humans Season 2 Returns on AMC Asia, 14 February 2017

Before HBO's "Westworld" took TV and scifi audiences by storm, there was a brilliant series by UK's Channel 4 and AMC called "Humans" about sentient androids hiding in the plain sight from human beings.

The first season which starred a wonderful ensemble cast including William Hurt as Dr George Millican, one of premiere robotics engineers of the first working synthetics (or "synths" for short), Colin Morgan, Gemma Chan, Emily Berrington, Katherine Parkinson, Ivanno Jeremiah and more.

The follow-up season of "Humans" returns on AMC Asia, Singtel (Channel 322), 14 February 2017 at 10 PM.

The story continues from where Season 1 left off, with Niska (Emily Berrington), one of the more violent synths, escaping with a copy of the consciousness program in a wish to wake up more synths. Leo (Colin Morgan) and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) are still looking for more sentient synths to take under their wing. During their mission, they meet a new synth Hester (Sonya Cassidy), who due to her clinical role as an industrial android learns to think differently and exhibits a series of disturbing behaviour. Mia (Gemma Chan), big sister of the original conscious synth family, tries hard to fit into her new job even as she begins to have feelings for her human employer.

The emotional heartbeat of Season 2 lies mostly with Dr. Athena Morrow (Carrie-Ann Moss), who is urgently developing a transfer of human consciousness to an artificial intelligence program as a means to deal with the loss of her daughter. The Hawkins family also deal with a host of relationship and behavioural issues after being drawn into the world of conscious synths.

There's one thing that made Red Dot Diva happy about S2. One of her favourite synths, the slightly defective and older model Odi (Will Tudor) is back for a few episodes.

What makes "Humans" different from other shows about robots is its ability to make itself more accessible emotionally to viewers, mostly because of its familiar setting of the home and workplace. As robots take over various roles in society, like domestic helpers, waiters, nurses, psychologists, and even prostitutes, the emotions and connections formed between humans and androids are constantly being challenged.

In Season 2, even more interesting questions are posed with the ever-deepening human-robot dynamics. Will growing up with super-efficient synths cause some humans to want to be more like them? In the eyes of the law, what legal proof does it take to prosecute a synth as a human?

The series presents a not too distant possible future, and Red Dot Diva thinks it showcases some thought-provoking discussions about the ethical use of artificial intelligence, identity, motherhood, class and racism. It is a little like "X-Men", but with robots instead of mutants. Thanks to the creative writing team of Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent ("Spooks"), an astute and perceptive script pulls all the characters and ideas together.

The performance by the actors taking the roles of synths, especially Gemma Chan, Will Tudor and Emily Berrington were spot on. In the span of mere seconds, these actors could become quite belligerent or scary, and then, draw empathy by being vulnerable in the next instance. It is totally amazing to watch on screen. On the human side of things, Red Dot Diva particularly feels for Katherine Parkinson, who depicts the struggles of Laura Hawkins, a harried working mother and wife so realistically.

It's no surprise then, that "Humans" have won a few awards and recognition, including a BAFTA nomination for Best Drama Series. Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent were also awarded Best British TV Drama Writing at the British Screenwriters’ Awards in 2015.

If you haven't watched "Humans" at all yet, tune into AMC Asia, Singtel (Channel 322) to catch the Season 1 marathon starting at 10th February 2017 at 6 PM, and then you will be all set to continue on with the premiere of Season 2.

Check out UK Channel 4's Season 1 trailer:

Then, take a peek of what's in store with the UK Channel 4's Season 2 trailer:

As the real world begins to get more bizarre and violent, Red Dot Diva says the series will make you question about what it really means to be human.


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