Friday, October 21, 2016

Voice Actor Auli'i Cravalho, Producer and Animators from Disney's Moana Surfing into Singapore, 9 November!

Surf's up!!

Actor Auli'i Cravalho, who voices Disney's newest princess Moana from the upcoming CG-animated movie of the same name, will sail into Red Dot Island for a press junket and meet and greet at a special event held on 9 November at Marina Bay Sands.

15-year-old Auli'i Cravalo, a Native Hawaiian, was selected to be Moana from hundreds of talent from the Pacific Islands who had auditioned for the role.

Joining her on this trip will be "Moana" producer Osnat Shurer, and two Southeast Asian Disney animation artists – Roger Lee (Lighting Artist) from Red Dot Island and Griselda Sastrawinata (Visual Development Artist) from Indonesia!

On 9 November, the cast and film-makers will grace a special light-up event, which will begin from 8:15 PM at ArtScience Museum. In line with the theme of the movie, the Polynesian TeVaka dance troupe will be performing on stage to kick-off the program, followed by the light-up ceremony. That should be exciting!

Would this be similar to the light-up event for "Captain America: Civil War" this year? Red Dot Diva supposes the Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum will have lovely projected images of an oceanic, Polynesian theme to help promote the movie.

The two animators, Roger Lee and Griselda Sastrawinata will also be conducting tutorials on how to draw Disney’s Moana characters on 9th of November, Wednesday at Marina Bay Sands’ Sands Expo and Convention Centre. The public can sign up for any of the two available drawing timeslots at 5.20pm or 6.20pm. Capacity is limited so registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in this rare opportunity, go sign up at!

"Moana" tells the tale of a bold and determined princess from Motunui Island, who convinces a demigod Maui to join her mission to help save her tribe and homeland. While setting out on their quest in the vast ocean, the duo encounter monsters and unexpected dangers, as it also becomes a journey of self-discovery for the young princess.

Dwayne Johnson, who is half-Samoan, voices the almighty Maui. Fan favourite Alan Tudyk lends his voice for Maui's and Moana's dumb pet rooster Hei Hei as well as a couple more characters in the movie. Alan has great comedic timing, so Red Dot Diva bets even if he's clucking his way through the film, he's going to be hilarious!

Moana's father Chief Nui, is acted by Temuera Morrison, while Nicole Scherzinger is Moana's mother, Sina. Old Grandma Tala, who shares Moana's closeness with the sea, is voiced by Rachel House.

As in most Disney movies, memorable tunes form part of the experience, so expect to enjoy hummable music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa‘i.

"Moana" is scheduled for island-wide release on 24 November 2016.

Catch the brilliant trailer here:

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