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Gamestart Asia 2016: The Gaming Scene Got Even Bigger and Louder!

The Microsoft X-Box booth (Pic Credit: Gamestart Asia)

The third edition of Gamestart Asia, the region's premiere gaming convention, wrapped up last Sunday after a rousing 3-day run.

The organizers reported that over 20,000 gaming enthusiasts and fans made their way to the show, where they could immerse themselves in the gaming world by trying out new titles, watching e-sports and participate in quirky events, like SecretLab's chair race!

Secret Lab's chair race, with mascot Alyse 3.0 (Pic Credit: Gamestart Asia)
Adding colour to the event were the several cosplayers who wandered around the hall in their skillfully crafted costumes, of course.

Cosplay competition (Pic Credit: Gamestart Asia)

It was unfortunate that Red Dot Diva was not able to take in the Gamestart action because she was overseas at the time. However, Andre aka Million Dollar Smile and the rest of the Glam Bloggers Alliance was at at the event to check out the various games and booths.

Here's Andre's photo blog of the event (with some additional boosters from Toys-etc's Ed!)

After 2 very successful events, Gamestart Asia was back for its third year. Some of the highlights for this year’s events were the first appearance of the Microsoft’s Xbox booth where recent and upcoming releases like Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and Final Fantasy XV were showcased, and the South East Asia Major (“SEAM”), the Southeast Asia's first and largest console tournament, which will pit Asia’s very best against one another.

So what else happened at Gamestart Asia 2016?

Check out the quick photo post of what went down on the day I was there.

Here we go again! Welcome to Gamestart Asia 2016!

Each day, the first 300 visitors will receive a goodie bag with fantastic stuff from Armageddon, Seagate, Razer, Bandai Namco and more! So, definitely must queue!

No doubt about it. The first thing you noticed when you entered the hall was the rainbow lighted hall! For this lighting alone, Gamestart Asia takes the cake!

Ed from Toys-etc has a video clip of the awesomely multi-coloured hall:

Shopping opportunities presented itself via Toy or Game (“TOG”) . No one can complain about having more games, toys or collectibles, right?

Presenting to you, for the 1st time in Gamestart Asia, the Microsoft X-box booth. So many games to try out!

The SEAM booth all set for Asia’s finest game players’ to pit their skills against each other. For there can only be one……

The competition heated up during the weekend and the Tokido emerged as the victor in the Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour Premier after battling it out with 2014 Capcom Cup champion Momochi. As the tournament champion, Tokido nabbed the coveted spot to compete in the Capcom Cup 2016 in California, USA later this year.

Pic Credit: Gamestart Asia

The Game Solution Centre (“GSC”) which provided a prototyping development environment for Singapore based small-medium games enterprises to develop their games. 

There were cute and fun games like these new games called Toriko and Restaurant Paradise by Happy Happy Labs. Ed from Toys-etc couldn't resist check out one of them!

The Match-3 game called Mr. Catt by 7quark was like catnip to Ed too!

For the ultimate gaming gear, visitors could head to Armageddon's booth to check out and purchase the nicely designed wares.

Retro gaming at its finest. All the old games that you've missed playing!

Doujin Market - a section for artistic talents who wants to show their work. Also, more excuse for shopping while at the convention.

The awesome sculptures by our pals at Kinetiquettes, who also designed mascot Alyse's new 3.0 get up, and her very own sculpture as well!

On the whole, I was kinda disappointed that the show did not offer more up and coming games compared to last year where Sony Playstation's massive booth hosted VR mini games together with the eye-catching blockbuster Star Wars Battlefront.

The main action this year was in the various live gaming tournaments, which was not really my thing. But I have to admit, I did enjoy playing the indie games that were featured. Many of them were fun and innovative, and I am really glad that Gamestart Asia is showing tons of support for the local talent. It is a great direction to take and I hope the organizers continue to do so in future shows.

Looking forward to see what else Gamestart Asia will bring to the masses in 2017!

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