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STGCC 2016: Toys-etc is all ready to go gaga over Tokidoki's Unicorno Metalico!

As mentioned in previous posts, the Glam Bloggers Alliance (GBA) is all poised to strut their glittery biceps at this year's STGCC.

Although, at the rate that rival Asia-Pop Comic Con is announcing their celebrity guests at the Manila convention held just 2 weeks before STGCC, the GBA might be the glitteriest biceps around on the MBS showfloor.

Right now, the GBA already has a list of geeky articles to get every one of you acquainted with the STGCC guests. So get on the GBA blog ride, and you will feel right at home at STGCC once it opens its doors on 10 & 11 September 2016!

Ed from is the designer toy expert of the GBA, and with the toy segment having an exciting return in this year's show, he is all ready to go gaga over the various exclusives including those from the fan favourite brand, tokidoki.


STGCC 2016: The Usual Drooling after Tokidoki

We are definitely seeing a record-breaking number of returning toy guests - Huck Gee, Jason Freeny, Sticky Monster Lab - and toy exhibitors - 1000Tentacles, Blackbook Toy, Cacooca, Genesis 4, Instinctoy, Mighty Jaxx, Pobber, Unbox Industries, Imaginarium, Kinetiquettes, Bandai, Tamashii Nations, XM Studios - to STGCC 2016. This is definitely a far cry from the years when I would sit and lament about the lack of a toy focus in the convention (WE SHALL NOT TALK ABOUT GAMES!). While there are new toy vendors/exhibitors, I would prefer to go back to my first love.

Among the San Diego exclusives, the Sanrio collaboration Kittypatra is the most coveted in its platinum magnificence. Gold complements my skin tone but that limited run of 500 is proving too formidable for my wallet, as is with about anything that doesn't put food on the table. Still, I would starve unconditionally for this. I'll even settle for the Kittypatra snapback. Just give me something!

tokidoki did a number of tee collaborations, including the popular Marvel crossover, but this is the one that sets my tiny closet goth heart beating. Wait. This isn't goth? Nobody really cares at this point. It's kawaii metal. This is the stuff that brings metalheads to their knees and tears to their eyes. Sorry, Sylvannas and Arthas have no game face advantage over this.

Reboots are real. Reboots of reboots are real. Variety says so. The recycling of pop culture has now officially and inevitably crossed over to toys. In the past, it was just one singular platform with surface cosmetic variations. Even then, there's no denying that a lot of these reworkings and redesigns validated the release of series after series. I'm not saying I don't want a Prima Donna Unicorno Metallico but I wish the pearlescent application and glitter were reserved for really really really special ponies. That said, it seems that Fumo is the only one that SDCC-goers have managed to crack. STGCC people! Metallico is coming! Let's find the crown!

All pictures from tokidoki


This article was originally posted in Ed's own website, Toys-etc!


The Glam Bloggers Alliance - a collaboration of four geeks - Red Dot Diva, Ed from Toys-etc, Agent W and Andre aka Mr Million Dollar Smile - will be back at STGCC 2016 being busybodies checking out the guests, exhibitors, cosplayers and all forms of biceps during the convention.

Both Red Dot Diva and Toys-etc blogs are also proud to continue their Supporting Blog status with STGCC.

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