Thursday, August 25, 2016

AsiaPop Comic Con Manila 2016: An Interview with Comic Book Artist Mike Zeck

AsiaPop Comic Con Manila (APCC Manila) kicks off later today with its second edition. The 3-day convention will see fans in Manila mingling with celebrities, comic book guests, cosplayers, and have fun participating in other activities, like panels, meet and greets and autograph sessions.

This year's celebrity guest roll includes Nicholas Hoult of the "X-Men" franchise, "Warm Bodies" and "Mad Max: Fury Road" fame, young breakout star Millie Bobby Brown known for her memorable role as Eleven in Netflix's "Stranger Things", Claire Holt of "The Vampire Diaries" and Joe Dempsie who is most familiar to fans as Gendry in the international hit series, "Game of Thrones".

However, as the convention is still called a "Comic Con", a few comic book artists have also been invited as guests. One of them is reknown illustrator Mike Zeck, whose various definitive artwork have impressed fans' visual psyche through the many years of his career. One notable image is the shift of Spider-Man's red and blue costume to the black version in the 1984 Marvel limited comic book series, "Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars".

Mike Zeck has also worked on covers for several DC Comic books like "Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight" and in recent times, for the "Deathstroke the Terminator" series.

At the APCC Manila media preview yesterday, Red Dot Diva's Pinoy brother, Mark Cerbo (who owns the fantastic blog called Geekmatic), had the chance to interview Mike Zeck at the venue.

Check out the video interview below, where Mike Zeck gave some tips to artists on how to advance in their career and shared where he got his inspiration for his covers:

(Note: Unfortunately, the background cacophony was loud so do tune up the volume to listen to Mike's answers!)

It's too bad that Red Dot Diva is unable to make it to APCC Manila this year. The main reason being that it is running too close to STGCC, and when it comes to a tight scheduling like this, Diva's priority is to support the local event.

Thanks to geek bro Mark Cerbo and other fellow friends already in Manila for the convention, Red Dot Diva might still be able to get some interesting news and photos about the show in the next few days. So, look out for the deets in Red Dot Diva's Twitter and Facebook feeds!

Some APCC Manila guests at the media preview


Special thanks to Mark Cerbo for the photos and video!

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