Sunday, August 21, 2016

STGCC 2016: Jacob Chabot Chats About Tsum Tsums and Hello Kitty!

Looking for a graphic novel or book that is funny, adventurous and suitable for all ages?

Do a search for the name Jacob Chabot, and a list of lively titles like "Plants vs Zombies", "Hello Kitty", "Spongebob Comics", "X-Babies" and his creator-owned New York Times best-selling book "The Might Skullboy: Garden Warfare" will crop up.

Jacob Chabot, who has been announced as an STGCC guest, is also the writer for Marvel's new "Tsum Tsum" mini series. A limited edition variant of the #1 issue will be available as an exclusive at this year's STGCC.

Before Jacob heads to the convention on 10 & 11 September 2016, Red Dot Diva had a chance to bounce a few quirky questions off the prolific cartoonist:

Red Dot Diva: Your creative work is known to be fun and humourous. They say that comedians are sometimes the saddest people. Do you agree with that notion?
Jacob: Sometimes, I'm sure that's true. Sometimes they're probably the happiest people! And sometimes they're probably the sleepiest people. What I'm saying is that comedians are complex creatures and may never be fully understood by modern science.

Red Dot Diva: There have been known to be fights and scuffles for Hello Kitty merchandise in Singapore. What do you think is so special about her, and how do you put that across in the comics?
Jacob: Hello Kitty is a worldwide icon. Her visual is instantly recognizable across the globe, and her simple design allows anyone to identify with her. As a character, she always has a sunny attitude and is a true friend. Nothing can get her down! So, in the stories, it's all about putting her positive nature to the test and seeing how she triumphs!

Exclusive STGCC variant!

Red Dot Diva: I think Tsum Tsums are evil. They are simply too adorable! Do you have a favourite Tsum Tsum character, and why?
Jacob: You're probably right. I like The Hulk because he's basically a big, fluffy, superpowered Hulk baby. That leads to a lot of funny moments in the comic. 

Red Dot Diva: Which Tsum Tsum do you think would be the baddest villain, and are you finding a way to make him/ her turn up in the comic book series? 
Jacob: It all depends on who they make into a Tsum Tsum next, but as it stands now, Ultron is probably the top villain. If you want to see how this plays into the comic book, check out issue #2! It's a doozy!

Red Dot Diva: What's the most memorable fan encounter you've ever had?
Jacob: I don't know about anything specific, but it's starting to feel strange seeing the kids that grew up with my work. I'd meet them at conventions when they were like 7 or 8, and then ten years later they're practically an adult! I'm glad they still remember me!

Red Dot Diva: Have you heard much about the fans and comic industry here in Singapore? And what is most exciting to you about your impending trip here as an STGCC guest?
Jacob: I haven't heard much, so I don't know what to expect! This will be my first time in Singapore and I'm really excited about it. I'm especially looking forward to checking out the food!

Haha! It seems like many of the guests seem to be excited about the local Red Dot Island food!

So, dear local geeks - Red Dot Diva knows you know what to do in order to make them feel welcome!!

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