Saturday, January 9, 2016

"The Force Awakens" in These Limited Edition Star Wars EZ-Link Cards!

The Force is Strong in these Limited Edition "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" EZ-Link cards called "The First Order" series.

These are available only locally in Red Dot Island for SGD 60 per set at selected 7-11 stores, from now till stocks last!

Red Dot Diva has a set on hand and it is very nicely done. The matt black cover packaging that holds the EZ-link cards simulates the look of a spaceship hatch door.

Within, there are the four character cards - Kylo-Ren, Flame Trooper, Snow Trooper and Storm Trooper, each accompanied by short footnotes.

The colours of the card designs look bright, crisp and eye-catching. Plus, the design extends to the back of the card (there is Star Wars logo and a tie-fighter at a bottom corner) - the first time EZ-Link is doing this - which makes this limited edition EZ-Link set of cards super special.

Red Dot Diva's Evil Twin got a set too and here is her frank opinion on the limited cards.

"Got a Star Wars: The Force Awakens ez-link limited edition cards as Christmas gift this year. It's a set of 4 characters: Kylo, Flame Trooper, Snow Trooper and Storm Trooper. They are nicely packed and make a cool collectibles. Personally, I won't pay SGD60 as the First Order characters are mainly storm troopers. I wonder why they didn't include Supreme Leader Snoke and General Hux, that will be a much much cooler collection." - @_mriel

Perhaps like Hasbro and the #WhereisRey fiasco, EZ-Link did not want to draw attention to more "spoilers" by having Snoke or Hux designs. Heh. Red Dot Diva thinks that a Captain Phasma card make the set doubly cool and worth the SGD 60 if the other two card designs were just Troopers.

Still, she concedes that the First Order Series pack was very well-designed and the set makes a solid collectible, regardless if one is a Star Wars fan like Red Dot Diva or a collector of EZ-link cards in general.

If you have already got "The First Order" series,  another new set of EZ-Link cards called "The Character Series" has just been released yesterday. This time, it is only available exclusively at EZ-Link's online store, shangmarket, till stocks last.

In this set, the four cards make up a beautiful montage of those from the Dark Side of the Force with emo bad boy Kylo-Ren at the forefront with the Flame Troopers and Snow Troopers, and another side profile of him at the background together with Captain Phasma.

Unfortunately, with the online store, another SGD 7 for delivery is to be added to the price of the EZ-Link cards, which is also at $60 per set of 4. Do note that these cards also do not have any value within, so this second set seems rather pricey.

So far, both EZ-Link sets are based on the Dark Side. Will sets for the Light Side be released in the near future? If there is going to be one, then dear Ez-Link marketing folks - For Jedi's Sake, please have a good gorgeous one of Rey!!!


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