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STGCC 2015: Meet Australian Writer James Gilarte at Artist Alley!

While scrolling through the list of peeps who will be exhibiting at this year's STGCC Artist Alley, the Glam Bloggers Alliance noticed an unfamiliar Aussie name.

All that was stated in the blurb on STGCC's website was: "James Gilarte - Australian Comic Book Writer of series such as Vengador, A Fractured Mind, Time Vox & more."

As it is very unusual for Aussie creators to make their way to STGCC by themselves, Red Dot Diva did some mini research on James Gilarte.

She found out that he has written a comic series called "Vengador" that features a teen by the name of Eric Martin who adopts a vigilante-style alter-ego to fight corruption and injustice in his city.

It also didn't hurt that James owns a pretty impressive set of biceps, courtesy of some gym peektures that Red Dot Diva found on his Instagram.

A photo posted by James Gilarte (@boombalarte) on

*Approve! Chop! Pass!*

To help STGCC attendees get to know James a little better before the show, Red Dot Diva got in touch with him and asked him a few nosy questions:

Red Dot Diva: Do tell us a little about yourself. 
James: I would say I’m a huge nerd and I love it. I work in IT, I read/write comics and a huge movie buff. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. 

Red Dot Diva: You have a comic series called "Vengador". Tell us what Vengador is about. 
James: I have a few series but yes, "Vengador" was the first comic I ever wrote. Essentially at it’s core, "Vengador" is all about making a difference in the world. We look at one individual’s perspective on how he sees the world and questions himself on how he can make a difference, which actually takes him down a path which he never would’ve thought he would go down. 

Red Dot Diva: What inspired you to start writing his story, and what/ who are the influences that shaped the characters in Vengador? 
James: A lot of what I write is from personal experiences. I take the emotions of everyday life and put them into the story. The way "Vengador" came about was the fact I was looking at the world we live in, I noticed a number of things which could change, whether it be from an economic or social aspect and questioned how could someone not govern by rules make a difference. 

Red Dot Diva: What were the challenges you faced while working on it? 
James: It really just comes down to time. I find the biggest challenges is finding the time to write several comics and ensure that you hit those release dates and goals you set for yourself. 

Red Dot Diva: How did you hear about STGCC? 
James: It’s actually a funny story in a way because I was on the Gold Coast in Queesland, Australia doing another comic convention and there was a couple who were visiting the Gold Coast from Singapore, and we had a mutual friend. That friend actually told them to go to the convention to see me at my booth and they got my books and told me about STGCC and it sounded fantastic. So from that I knew I had to come. 

Red Dot Diva: What do you hope to gain by attending STGCC? 
James: I want to make more friends really. These conventions are a real community, everyone who attends, attends for a reason and we all share something in common. So I really want to meet more people and welcome them into the Vengador family so they have the opportunity to read about my characters. 

Red Dot Diva: Are there any other upcoming books you are working on? 
James: Yes, I have a series called “A Fractured Mind” which is a psychological crime thriller being released next year as well as a kids picture book called “Spooks College” and a cyber crime thriller as well in the works. I like to be busy haha 

Red Dot Diva: What other conventions have you attended or worked in? Do you have a memorable fanboy comic convention experience to share with us? 
James: I attend a lot of the Australian conventions such as Oz Comic Con and Supanova. I won’t forget my first convention though and that was going to a convention in Sydney and seeing a lot of R2-D2’s from star wars running around and I love Star Wars right so I was hooked from that point. I even joined a group which was all about building R2-D2’s from that experience. 

Red Dot Diva: Would this be your first time visiting Singapore? What do you hope to see/ experience while you're here? 
James: No, this would be my second time. I went there end of last year as my best friend was getting married and I was his best man in Penang so I stopped at Singapore for a few days. I don’t know if there is anything I want to see particular this year but maybe Universal Studios and eat some good food :) 

Red Dot Diva: Fun question: Confession time - what is one of your guilty pleasures? :) 
James: Guilty pleasure? I love listening to Backstreet boys. haha!

Well, James should be pleased to know that there are many, many BSB fans on Red Dot Island too!

So everyone, do give James a hot and sunny (sweaty? Hahaha) welcome for his first visit to STGCC. While wandering around Artist Alley, remember to drop by Booth #AA66 for a chat with him and to check out his comics!

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