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Celebrate SG50 at The Fullerton Hotel with a Gorgeous 3D Light Show!

The Red Dot Island's 50th Birthday is next weekend, and there is already a long list of free SG50 activities and places of interest for locals and tourists to join in the big birthday bash.

Red Dot Diva says you can add one more to your list - the very special SG50 3D Light Show at the Fullerton Hotel, a heritage building with a 87-year-old history. The original landmark, the Fullerton Building, was constructed in 1928, and starting from today 1 August, the grand old lady will be dressed in fancy colours for 9 days.

Last night, Red Dot Diva was invited to a preview of the light-up called "A Celebration of Our Heritage". She had mistakenly thought the registration was at the hotel itself, and when she could not find any signs leading to the event, she asked for help from the nearest hotel personnel she could find.

This person happened to be Ms. Melissa Zheng, Marketing Communications Executive of the Fullerton Heritage, and she promptly escorted Red Dot Diva all the way across to One Fullerton for the reception. Thank you for your time and hospitality, Melissa!

Also, kudos to The Fullerton Hotel and PR firm Ogilvy & Mather for organizing a neat local-themed reception at the ground floor prior to preview. There were these trendy-looking chicken satay treats,

.... as well as their specialty chili crab buns (Red Dot Diva found it quite tasty!) and local favourite, "kong bak pao", of which was the pork was nice and succulent but just a tad too sweet.

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There were also stalls serving chicken rice and Malay dishes, which Red Dot Diva did not venture to try.

In any case, the food she chose meshed well with the red wine that was served, and that in itself made Red Dot Diva's tastebuds very happy. :D

At about 15 minutes before 8 PM, the media and guests were herded up to the One Fullerton rooftop (oooh, now Red Dot Diva knows how to get to this not-so-secret but sweet photographic spot) where Mr. Giovanni Viterale, the General Manager of the Fullerton Heritage, gave an introductory speech about the various SG50 events that will be happening around the area.

The Fullerton Hotel will be holding a 9-day celebration of the Red Dot Island's Jubilee Anniversary. In addition to the 3D light projection, there will also be complimentary "kacang putih" served at The Fullerton Hotel as well as "potong ice cream" at One Fullerton on 7 and 8 August from 7:30 PM.

In order to get a great view of the entire light-show projected on the Fullerton Hotel's facade, Red Dot Diva slipped away to grab her choice spot farther along the verandah. Soon, the 8-minute light-show started rolling and... WOW! It was even more stunning than what Red Dot Diva had expected. Plus, it brought out all those Nostalgia Feels, especially when the facade was made to like the old General Post Office, and the huge birthday cake with song at the end.

Here are some of the preview shots of the wonderful SG50 tribute, which started with moving gears and sounds of a steam train engine:

A throwback to when the building was the General Post Office from 1928 to 1996:

An old red letter box with stamps:

Image of an old Red Dot Island stamp:

A Garden City:
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Sneak peak of rousing birthday song:

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Oh, and there is also a photo-taking contest to participate in! If selected, 10 lucky winners will get a complimentary weekend night's stay! All you have to do is :

1. Take a photo of the video projection
2. "Like" the Fullerton Hotel FB page or Instagram page (@fullertonhotel)
3. Upload the photo, include a caption of your SG50 birthday wishes as well as hashtag #FullertonSG50Lightup

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So, if you are going to be around the Fullerton heritage area this coming week, Red Dot Diva urges you not to miss this fantastic light show!!

Dates and timing for"A Celebration of Our Heritage" are:
1 Aug (Sat) - 10 PM, 11 PM
2 Aug (Sun) - 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM, 11 PM
3 to 7 Aug (Mon to Fri) -  8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM
8 Aug (Sat) - 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM, 11 PM
9 Aug (Sun) - 10 PM, 11 PM

Hint: The best places to view this is at One Fullerton across the road, or at the street side near the Merlion Park.

Have Loads of SG50 Fun, everyone!!!

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