Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Walking Dead Live Fan Event in Singapore - Part 2 of Squees

Location: Around noon yesterday at La Salle open ground....

"Very Tricky" obstacle course -- SET!

Bloody zombies -- SET!

Hapless victims -- SET!

Two pairs of gorgeous muscley biceps (courtesy of Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus) -- SET!

About 250 eager excited onlookers -- SET, SET and SET!

(If you have missed Part 1 of this article, Red Dot Diva says click here!)

But before Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus show off their scruffy-manly acts of heroism, event host Adrian Pang did a walk-through of the sequence of tasks with them. That's when the fans, including Red Dot Diva, who have been standing toward the back of the obstacle course, were able to get a closer look of the two stars.

Adrian going through the paces with Andrew and Norman

The obstacle course consisted of solving a block puzzle at the first station, shooting zombie targets with a Nerf gun, then a toy crossbow, followed by hitting zombie busts with a hammer to get some sort of envelope (with key?) to rescue chained up human victims!

Dat Sexy Andrew and Norman Shaggy HAIR
(Red Dot Diva's side note for the above pic:  Basically they look sexy from all sides, lah! *le sigh*)

From the looks of it, the two guys paid very close attention to Adrian's instructions, and were oh so ready to run through the course like zombie-killing machines at the word "Go".

When Red Dot Diva first heard about this special event, she was surprised that Andrew and Norman were willing to entertain the local fans in this way. From a source, she heard that they had in fact requested for a more spontaneous interaction with their fans, rather than a sit-down-fans-line-up kinda thing.

Have to give them Big Big Fan LVE for being so sporting, even when they had to deal with the tropical heat and humidity! (We were all lucky that yesterday was not one of those hazy, suffocating and muggy days.)

Andrew Lincoln was the first to hit the course. While he was shooting down zombies, energetic Norman Reedus was going around giving out hi-fives and taking selfies with fans.

Pic: FOX Movies Premium

When he came to where Red Dot Diva was standing, she managed to get a couple of hi-fives and also, handed him her iPhone, which he calmly took and posed for one of the most wonderful celeb selfie Red Dot Diva has to-date.

"Thank you!" she nearly shrieked. And he drawled, very calmly in his cool cat syle, "Welcome!"


So this is the result of the selfie (with good gal pal Rita at the background),

And it seemed that memorable moment got picked up by the Straits Times....

As well as Fox Movie Premium's photographer!

Note to self: Red Dot Diva is never ever gonna throw away that sky blue iPhone cover case.

In the meantime, Andrew - who moved calmly and with precision like a leopard on a hunt, finished the obstacle course in just over 3 minutes.

Pic: FOX Movies Premium

Here's a short vid of what happened toward the end of Andrew's run.
Sorry it's a little shaky, it's difficult to get a steady movie roll when surrounded by uber-excited fans!

Then, the course was re-set for Norman's turn. This time Andrew came around to say hi to the fans while Norman got ready to battle those zombies.

Andrew strikes a pose!

Too bad, Red Dot Diva did not manage to score a selfie with the leading man. He moved around the fans area in a less leisurely manner than Norman. But she got a friendly hi-five from him and she just gotta say, Andrew's absolutely gorgeous up close!

And for pure fan service, here's a quick clip of Norman doing his crossbow thing.... *BicepsPorn!* *flails*

More Reedus biceps:

If you must know, Andrew won the mini-competition between the two.

Just before they formally wrapped up the public event, Red Dot Diva and friends decided to beat the crowd (and the heat!), and made their way to the auditorium for the exclusive Q&A session.

Stay tuned for Part 3!


Thanks to Andre Chee aka Red Dot Dude for helping to take photos of the event


  1. Red Dot Diva...YOUR AMAZING!!! So awesome that you've been up close & personal with Norman AGAIN and that this special selfie moment is being promoted!!! Thanks for giving us the details so we can live vicariously through you :) @SociableLinda

    1. Thanks for your warm comments @SociableLinda!
      Just sharing the good stuff with the wonderful Norman Reedus fans out there. After all, he is such an open and giving soul!