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The Walking Dead Live Fan Event in Singapore - Part 1 of Squees

There's simply no better way to kick off a geeky year than being in the thick of blood, gore and beautiful biceps at "The Walking Dead" Live event held at La Salle College of the Arts yesterday.

The fan event organized by Fox Movies Premium, Starhub and PR firm SPRG was one of the most vibrant and fun local fan event Red Dot Diva has attended. Made even more awesome of course, by the two super-popular celebrities from the series - Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, who were very willing to please their fans here by participating in a zombie obstacle course.

Prior to them arriving in Singapore for this special event, Norman Reedus attended and presented at the People's Choice Awards where "The Walking Dead" won the Favourite Cable TV Drama and after the telecast, Andrew Lincoln was awarded Favourite TV Anti-Hero for the character of Rick Grimes. On Twitter, Norman seemed to be having so much fun at the awards, taking selfies, accepting the award on behalf of the TWD family and 'hanging out' with Joseph Morgan and RDJ!

Red Dot Diva was beginning to wonder if party boy was gonna ever make it over to the Red Dot Island in time. After all, the flight here takes 18-20 hours from LA, and Red Dot Island is already in a timezone 16 hours ahead. To her relief, some several hours later, Norman tweeted this ;)

After the very long flight, a few lucky and hardcore fans met him at the airport when he arrived Saturday morning at just past 2 AM local time. Even at this ungodly hour, Norman was friendly and game for some fan-attention! @LadyHida was one of the fans and don't you agree he hardly looked crumpled after all that travelling! Some secret super-powers there.

She also has a couple of very nice Norman arrival vids on her Instagram. Click here and here!

To cater to fans of the show who were not lucky enough to score passes or invites for the exclusive Q&A session, the organizers had set up a free public event held at the open space at La Salle.

Along the narrow green stretch, Andrew and Norman would have to rescue some humans from hungry zombies in a rather elaborate obstacle course.

Not having been at La Salle before, Red Dot Diva arrived at about an hour before the event was to begin.


Surprisingly, there were not that many fans there yet when she stepped food on the open space. Only about 20 or so of them were seated here and there behind the barricades. While she waited for Red Dot Dude and Rita to arrive, she placed herself at her choice photo spot and saw a very cool Michonne cosplay.

A few moments later, local celebrity Adrian Pang - in a navy blue shirt, jeans and a pair of very cool shoes with red laces - strolled by. He was smiling at people along the way and as he passed Red Dot Diva, she greeted him, introduced herself and told him that it was good to finally meet him in person.

And wow.. Adrian actually remembered who she was. "Oh HIIIIIIIIII!" he beamed, in the most charming manner, and plonked himself to where she was sitting. They ended up chatting for awhile about "The Walking Dead" (his sons like the series), fan events and Comic-Con! Unfortunately, he could not tarry for too long because he had to head off to prepare for his duties as host of the the event. SQUEE STRIKE 1!

By then, more fans have arrived and gathering around the open space. Red Dot Dude and Rita both arrived soon after and that's was when the zombies were released to do their thang. Some were pretty scary-looking.

It was 11 AM and the event was supposed to get started but Andrew and Norman have not arrived yet. The crowd began to grow even larger and more restless.

There was a few worrying minutes where Red Dot Diva, Red Dot Dude and Rita had to hurry down a few levels to the auditorium for registration. Will the event begin before they returned? Luckily, they managed to get the registration process over and done with quickly and scurried back up to their original spots again, which was towards the back of the obstacle course.

A few minutes later, Adrian Pang came back on the mic and said that Andrew Lincoln was arriving in a London cab! Since Red Dot Diva was not standing at the front of the open lawn, she was not able to catch their arrival and formal introductions.

So, here are pics of Andrew's arrival and taking selfies with fans from FOX Movies Premium:

Pic: FOX Movies Premium

Pic: FOX Movies Premium

Norman Reedus arrived soon after, in his trademark sunglasses and a very snug black tee, showing off his gorgeous biceps. *Swoon*

He spent even MORE time giving fans hi-fives and taking even MORE selfies! He took such a long time doing that with the fans that Adrian teased him and said he was "incorrigible".

Pic: FOX Movies Premium

The fans are now all excited and screamingggggg.... Andrew!! Andrew!! NORMAN!!!!!!!! It was wilddddddd but still in a very Asian-like polite way!

Next, the two guys were supposed to show off their bravery and heroic skills by getting through the obstacle course. But first, Adrian had to run through their assigned tasks with them. That's when things got even more exciting!

Still Curious?? Part 2 coming up next!


Thanks to Andre Chee aka Red Dot Dude for helping to take photos of the event


12 Jan - ADDED: A video of Andrew Lincoln's and Norman Reedus' arrival at the event. Courtesy of @LadyHida!! Thanks, girl!

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