Saturday, October 5, 2013

Singapore Zombie Walk Returns - This Time At The Cathay!

The local zombies of the Red Dot Island variant have sure taken their time to shuffle across from Clarke Quay to Handy Road.

It has taken them about a year. Just nice for The Singapore Zombie Walk 2013 held on October 26th - a few days before Halloween!

The undead are expected to gather at The Cathay (Handy Road) and Red Dot Diva thinks they have managed to infect more humans in the span of one year. Last year's zombie infestation stood at 131. Early warnings have put the number to be a high of 500 this year.

A wonderfully scary thought indeed.

Red Dot Diva is uncertain if the movie theatre and mall will be prepared for the zombie outbreak. They better gear up their weapons. Maybe something to shoot the zombies with ... like, digital cameras.

One of the best chances to do some close-up shooting will be during the Undead Festival, which begins at 7:30 PM. There is certainly something special about the Red Dot Island variant zombies. They sure do love to party. (Which explains a lot about why they emerged from the party zone of Clarke Quay last year. No?)

There will be prizes and freebies galore, Wii gaming stations, rock band performances and more at the Undead Festival. So, pick up your feet and get ready to writhe with the mob.

Diva's near escape from some zombies last year

The Singapore Zombie Walk is free of charge to enter. Since it is quite impossible for the ghoulies to fumble for their wallets. Stiff fingers, ya know. If some of them actually do have fingers left, that is.

In order to keep the feeding frenzy going, the organizers have asked that those participating are to bring at least two canned food or non-perishable food items, to benefit the event's charity - Food Bank Singapore.

That's not all. Those who still have their brains intact can look out for more details about co-organizer Nicholas Yong's soon-to-be-released book. The speculative fiction entitled "Land of the Meat Munchers",  published by Marshall Cavendish, is all about Red Dot Island variant zombie apocalypse and zombie hunters. (Will there be zombie empathizers too?)

Don't forget to register and meet up with fellow zombies for The Singapore Zombie Walk.

Bash here for the registration details.

And even if you are just a kaypoh zombie empathizer, why not squeeze in and join the rest for some undead fun and joy that weekend!

Just make sure you know how to protect yourself from getting bitten!

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