Friday, October 18, 2013

Introducing VLogger and Digital Media Producer - Richy!

Last weekend's New York Comic Con 2013 was a whole lot of craziness and fun!

Red Dot Diva has so much to write and recap about the convention. She has already posted a few NYCC photos on the RDD Facebook page , so do check them out while she work on catching up with articles.

Now that she is safely home, Red Dot Diva is getting right back into this serious-glam thing called blogging.

First on the to-do list is to introduce an exciting collaboration with exuberant, articulate and not to mention, very cute, 21-year-old Richy from Chicago.

Richy is a pop-culture v-logger and digital media producer and he talks about TV shows, trailers, movies, games, and conventions on a regular basis. He considers "The Walking Dead", "Bones" and "Grey Anatomy" his top three favourite TV shows that on air currently, and thinks "Adventureland" is the worse movie he's ever seen. (It stars Kirsten Steward, so no argument there. :P ) Richy also edits and produces his own skits, namely one hilarious scare-thriller called "Home Alone".

What's more, Richy is a gamer with a preference towards FPS and the Xbox. This sure helps to expand the RDD blog's audience in more ways than one 'coz Red Dot Diva only plays the most devious kinds of mind games. In real life. Muahahaha.

To help you get to know him better, here's a Q&A with Richy:

Red Dot Diva: How long have you been making videos and what inspired you to make them in the first place?
Richy: I started sometime around 2006 or 2007. Watching AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and Halo 2 (video game) montages on YouTube inspired me to make videos of my own. Eventually I branched out to directing, writing, and making reviews. I have a good friend Noe who encouraged me to be in front of the camera more because he thought I was hilarious and very watchable. And there is a YouTuber called Toby Turner who continues to inspire me because I am amazed at how confident he is being in front of the camera. 

With regards to reviews, I just enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions with others. Since most of my friends aren't invested in so much in TV shows, movies, or video games as I am, I hated not having any person to talk to about a new episode or a movie I saw. On YouTube I'm able share my thoughts and hear other people’s opinions via YouTube comments, twitter, or through IM.

Red Dot Diva: You do skits as well as reviews. Which of these are your true passion?
Richy: If I had to choose between them, I’d have to pick doing skits, but only if I had a production team with me. Working on skits by yourself is difficult. The reason I would choose skits over reviews is because I have so much more fun doing skits. And I love working with others. Usually when I do reviews, I’m all alone, and no is there helping me film or edit.

Red Dot Diva: Will there be a Home Alone 3 follow-up skit? 
Richy: Yes there will be, but only when Home Alone Part 3 teaser video receives over 30 likes!
(Red Dot Diva So peeps out there, go LIKE the teaser below if you want more Home Alone from Richy!)

Red Dot Diva: You have done a bunch of show and game reviews. Are you very selective with the content and are you open to suggestions of what to review next?
Richy: I usually review the stuff that I like, but there is a few times where my subscribers will recommend me TV shows/movies to watch. I tried watching "Glee" a few times but I could not get into it and am not a huge fan of the show. I will still go through recommendations from my subscribers though. They usually let me know through Twitter, IM, or in the YouTube comments. But ultimately, I only review things that interest me.

Red Dot Diva: If you could have any guest on your channel, who would it be?
Richy: Toby Turner, because he’s awesome! He is the person who inspired me to be in front of the camera. He’s very talented and basically does everything - play guitar, piano, sing, act, and he can make weird noises. Haha I know that last part sounds weird, but he’s a good voice actor.

Red Dot Diva: Does studying broadcasting help in the way you edit or produce your videos?
Richy: Actually, none of my courses at Purdue have helped me become a better director or editor. But the communication classes have helped me open up more. I became more confident being in front of the camera because of those classes.

I mostly do all the camerawork and editing, but once in a while my friend David will help me film the footage. I found that I learn to improve my techniques and style mostly and mainly by trial and error. Once in a while, I’d watch some tutorials on YouTube to learn something new.

Red Dot Diva: Recently, you attended your first VidCon at Anaheim. How was the experience like for you?
Richy: It was amazing, and I loved it so much! Being at Vid Con opened my eyes to many new things. I learned to be myself, and I realize I shouldn’t worry what others think. I also made a few friends there. I can’t wait to go again next year. 

Richy's Pre-VidCon video:

Red Dot Diva: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
RichyI would like to see myself as a successful YouTuber, working in TV/ Film Industry, or working for a YouTube network. 

Doesn't young Richy sound Super Nerd-cool to you already?
(If not, Red Dot Diva thinks there must be something seriously wrong with you! o_O)


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Special thanks to gal-pal Harlee for the line of connection and assisting with the interview!


  1. sounds like a great collaboration ~

  2. He is a cutie! I look forward to from him. :-)