Sunday, October 27, 2013

Singapore Zombie Walk 2013: Where The Small Ones Are The Scariest!

The sequel to last year's Singapore Zombie Walk 2013 was held last night (Oct 26) at the Cathay. And as they say, it's difficult for a sequel to measure up to the original.

It could have been the venue (the Cathay is usually a dead zone on normal days anyway) but Red Dot Diva thought yesterday's walk was more than undead. There were hardly any interested on-lookers wandering around the mall to spur a starving zombie's appetite. Last year's walk held at Clarke Quay was definitely a more intense and thrilling zombie carnage.

(Read about the Singapore Zombie Walk 2012 at Clark Quay.)

Despite the higher number of undead beings gathered at the Cathay - about 250 of them or more - the walk itself felt like "Silence of the Zombies". The participants did not seem hungry for brains, and were too quiet. Most walked (literally!) rather than playact-shuffled along the corridors, and up and down the mall's escalators.

The zombie apocalypse escalated into.... nothing too scary
There were hardly any scary moans or creepy blank in-your-face stares. In fact, several looked too shy to be caught on camera and many appeared to be quite bored. Did they go into a zombie stasis for lack of human munchies?

Sassy zombiefied event emcee

There was two best-costume competitions and a rock concert held at the stage area before the actual zombie walk. But as much as the lively host tried to stir up some excitement (she was really good on stage, by the way), there was simply not enough crowd participation.

Guess Red Dot Diva shouldn't be surprised that a majority of the local population have already been turned into zombies.

Other than the opportunity for participants to contribute to the Food Bank Singapore by donating non-perishable items, and the smooth running of the event by the organizers, the walk was disappointingly laidback.

At least there were still some creative zombies in the midst of the infestation. Red Dot Diva lists some of her fave ones below:

The roller-skating mummies (skates not pictured below though!):

Big hazmat suit guy with exposed braaiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn. Awesome!

Diva on the verge of getting eaten. Too excited.

When zombies attack a soccer field, this is what happens:

Cute Little Princess Ballerina Zombie returns!

Sexy rocker chick wannabe zombie (who is also a Daryl Dixon fan). Gotta love her!!

The best zombies, though, were the bunch of impish Zombie Kids:

Kid Zombies looking deceivingly innocent at first

They seemed to be the few in the hoard who were genuinely having fun being their bad, mischievous selves - glaring at cameras, baring their teeth at strangers and regaling with torturing other poor adult zombies.

The Little Zombie Terrors!
Red Dot Diva thinks the older ones should learn how to let loose and be more child-like again -- even if (...when?..) they have been Zombies for decades.

Besides, Zombies can - and *should* - have FUN too, you know!

And it's still not too late to shiver things up!

Happy Diva Halloween!

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