Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FCBD 2012: Avengers Movie Night, Special Guest Signings and Comic Books (Free Of Course, Duh!)

It is less than 2 weeks away to Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2012!

This special day is held on the 1st Saturday of May every year, and this year, Red Dot Island comic book fans are all set to celebrate the festivities on May 5th.

So far, "geek-boy-centric" comics book store GnB Comics has been the earliest to announce their FCBD guests and activities.

From 10 am to 1pm on 5th May, two special guests will be making an appearance for signings at their store at Block 1, Rochor Center, #02-500. Red Dot Diva says one will not be able to miss the shop. It will be the one with the longest line outside and a few cosplayers lurking around!

And.... if you are a DC fan, you would be over the moon for this year's FCBD. This is because GnB's special guests are comic book artists Nicola Scott and Ardian Syaf!

FCBD Guests Nicola Scott and Ardian Syaf

Nicola Scott, who hails from Australia, has worked on various DC projects like "Wonder Woman", "Birds of Prey", and was part of a female-fueled creative team with writer Gail Simone for "Secret Six". She is currently involved in DC's "Earth 2", which will be released in May 2012. From all accounts, Red Dot Diva heard that Nicola is a very articulate and interesting guest. And being one of the well-known females in the comic book world, Red Dot Diva is really eager to meet her in person!

Indonesian artist, Ardian Syaf is no stranger to Red Dot Island. He has visited the island many times and was one of the guests for DC Comics in last year's STGCC. His astoundingly detailed artwork has been featured in "Batman", "Batgirl" and "Birds of Prey".

There are various store giveaways for GnB Members during the day. The first 100 to arrive at the store will get 1 Lucky Draw Ticket that entitles the person a chance to win an original art piece by Nicola Scott. Check out GnB's Facebook page for details of other member giveaways.

In the afternoon from 3 pm to 5 pm, GnB's FCBD program will then move on to The Cathay. There, local-based artists Rey Villegas, Jonathan Racimo and Ray Racho will be doing sketches and taking art commission requests on the spot.

And just so you don't get besieged by spoilers during FCBD, GnB has also organized an "Avengers" 3D Movie Night for members at The Cathay on May 4th. Not only will there be goodie bags, the special guests will also be watching the star-studded superhero film together with those attending.

With all these fancy activities, one should not forget the actual main star of FCBD - the slew of FREE comic books available for grabs on that day! Titles include Marvel's "Avengers Age of Ultron Point One", DC's "The New 52 #1 Edition" and Bongo Comics' "Free For All".  Red Dot Diva will be in line early so that she can nab some before stocks run out!

Other than GnB, many local fans have been wondering - where else is FCBD being celebrated this year? Red Dot Diva has not heard of any other cool deets except from Harris Planerds  - the one-stop haven for the geeks located on the 4th floor of 313@ Somerset.

Harris Planerds has recently announced their list of comic books which will be available free on the same day. Their list of comics have a more indie slant and include titles like "Witchblade Unbalanced Pieces", "Serenity" (based on the Firefly TV series), Archaia's "Mouse Guard" and Arcana's "Intrinsic". One can check the list of books on their FB page, and there will be more to come! However, Red Dot Diva says that there is still no news as to whether there will be any store activities at Harris Planerds yet.

Red Dot Diva hopes that even more exciting FCBD news may trickle in within the next week. It would certainly make FCBD all the more vibrant if more local stores are able to kick things up a notch or two!


Go Like the FCBD Singapore Facebook page, where local FBCD news are being collected and posted there as soon as they are announced.

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