Sunday, April 15, 2012

Assembled! For the Avengers World Premiere in LA!

Ever fancy yourself strolling down a red carpet?

Well, Red Dot Diva's celeb-shoulder-rubbing glamourista pal Chelle managed to attend a red carpet premiere in Hollywood again recently. And this time, it was for the superhero movie most geeks have been waiting for - "The Avengers"!

Here is her account of the wonderful night amongst the stars.

On Wednesday, April 11th, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the red carpet premiere of "The Avengers" at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

The day started out kinda chilly and rainy but as soon as we gathered at the barriers, the rain had pretty much gone away. Even though we didn’t need to stand at the barriers, Laura and I thought that it would be fun to hang out with fellow tumblr/ twitter friends including THE Godofbadassery who I think is a really cool sweet girl. We hung out till around 3pm and then headed back to my house (which was thankfully close to the theater) to get ready for our Avengers Adventure.

After picking up our premiere tickets, we headed over to the red carpet. That was when I saw The God of Mischief himself, Tom Hiddleston signing autographs and taking photos with the fans. This was actually my first time I had ever seen Tom in person and I was totally gobsmacked. Photos do not do this man justice. Tall and elegant, he conversed with fans easily. And it was a thrill to see him.

RDJ and wife Susan entering the red carpet

We both headed down to the line heading onto the red carpet when I saw Jon Favreau signing autographs for fans, and a convoy of vehicles starting to make their way down the red carpet entrance. This was Robert Downey Jr and his lovely wife, Susan driving their gorgeous Accura to the premiere. He parked it, blew a kiss to the crowd and then headed to where the fans were, to sign a few autographs. Then he headed back to the red carpet hand in hand with his wife. The couple is so darling together!!

The red carpet experience still feels surreal to me. Seeing the cast go through the photo and interview lines was so cool. Eventually, we finally made our way to the end where the Avengers stage was set up so both of us hopped on stage and got our photos taken. Very glam indeed.

Stan Lee on stage
We then headed for the entrance, checked in our mobiles and cameras since the premiere had a “no electronics” policy and headed for our seats. On our way, we picked up our free Avengers cup of popcorn and soda along with our 3D glasses. After a bit of a mix-up with our seats we settled down and watched the cast walk in, mingle a bit and settle in their seats.

Most of the cast sat in the first 4-6 rows in the center section. I saw Tom Hiddleston walk down to his seat stopping to chat with guests and chowing on popcorn. Over by my section, I noticed Harry Dean Stanton was seated as one of the guests.

I am not going to give any movie spoilers so I will just say that - the movie was so much better than what I expected. It had tons of action, character stories for all the cast, and humor. Tom Hiddleston brought the menace to Loki and took him to a whole new level. My new favorite however is The Hulk. Mark Ruffalo delivered a new refreshing Hulk. The fight scenes were amazing…and I had many favorites including the one between Thor and Loki.

When the film ended, the guests started making their way out to the lobby. We ended up walking behind Chris Hemsworth who headed straight to the afterparty. During while we were hanging out in the lobby, we saw Tom Hiddleston chatting with a few guests, and I managed to find out that he was also going to the afterparty. After a while, security started to chase everyone out and so we gathered our cameras and phones and headed over to the afterparty which was on the top floor at The Hollywood/ Highland Mall across from the theater.

Once inside we walked around a bit, and saw Tom conversing with Stan Lee; Joss Whedon sitting at a table eating; Chris Evans hanging out with his friends, and all the other cast members mingling with guests. We headed over to the buffet table for food because we were kinda hungry but we couldn't eat much because we were so excited to be there.

Tom was probably the most popular guy of the night in my opinion. He was constantly surrounded by his admirers! When he found an opportunity to head for the buffet table to get a bite to eat, guests kept bothering him for photos and chit chat but he didn’t seem to mind. I think he was just lapping up the attention.

We hung around there chatting with guests and Samuel L Jackson comes in the buffet room chit chatting with people. Tom was still bombarded with a bunch of people talking to him so we decided to go ahead and talk to him too.

I’m not the type of person who is so rude as to interrupt a conversation so while he was talking to a group of people we hung around in the background waiting for an opening. Eventually, we were able to get his attention and he smiled at me and said Hi and asked what was my name. I told him who I was including my twitter name and he said he knew who I was! Same for my friend. Totally cool!

I mentioned that he was really tall in person and he said it was part of the package (or something like that) because even with 5-inch heels, I still had to look up at him. He has his own type of attractiveness that I can honestly comes from within, and that personality that just draws you in and makes you want to converse with him. He’s that easy to talk to. He also has the most beautiful green eyes, and he looks you in the eye when he speaks to you. We chit chatted for a few moments and then some people came over to get photos. He asked us to give him 2 minutes and he’d be back to us but at this point we did not really care because it was fascinating watching him interact with people. But he did come back and he asked if I’d like a photo (well yeah duh!) and I ask him if I may have a hugging photo and he grinned and said absolutely. So this happened:

Lucky Chelle and Tom Hiddleston

Cloud 9!! He’s so warm and gives killer hugs. His scruff was rough but nice rubbing against my temple and cheek. No complaints there! And smelled really nice too. After that my friend steps in for her hugging photo and then I asked him if all three of us could get a photo together. Laura and I mentioned that there was a contest going on twitter that Godofbadassery was doing and I told him that he should post our threesome photo on twitter with our tags saying “pimpin’ ain’t easy” and he cracked up laughing. So Laura got her autograph and we left Tom there with other guests who wanted to talk to him.

On the way back inside, we ran into Alex Skarsgard who is really tall! I asked him for a photo, and managed to let him know I was looking forward to his new movie, "Battleship". Next, we saw that Chris Evans was not being really swamped with people so we asked him for a photo politely. I didn’t want to bother him much since he was with friends so we mingled a bit more.

The party was beginning to wind down now. Tom was still bombarded with people around him and we saw Chris Hemsworth leave and came across Joss Whedon chatting with someone. At this point, it was the end of a glorious night so we patiently waited for Joss to finish his conversation and then asked him for a photo. He asked us to wait a second right where we were and went to talk to a guest quickly and then came back to us. I told him the movie was fantastic and was beyond our expectations. Total Whedon gushing was happening right then.

And after the epic Whedonistic moment, it was our turn to headed home, still totally excited about the night's events!


For the rest of us less fortunate folks (Red Dot Diva sighs), the movie officially premieres at Singapore theatres on 1 May!

Here's the exciting trailer again so that everyone can get their geek pals properly assembled:


Special thanks to Chelle for her making Red Dot Diva proud with such glam-badass perving ;) MWAH!

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