Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Stuff and Marvel-lous Guests At STGCC 2011

Things may actually get hot and drool-y at this year's STGCC in August 2011.

Red Dot Diva is already contemplating to wear a pair of sparkly wellingtons in case the hall gets flooded with drool whenever one of the key guests named Kipi appears.

Kipi who? She is an insanely popular international cosplay star, with super-kawaii looks set to make fanboys squee. (Trust Red Dot Diva. They do squee. Albeit in a different register.) Check out her blog and get a mental picture.

Kipi will be having meet the fans sessions and will also be a judge for the Cosplay@STGCC competition. So there will be a chance for fans to interact with her during STGCC.

And if Kipi is not one's cup of tea, there are still the Marvel comic folks who will be making their way to Singapore! YESSSS!!

Besides C.B. Cebulski, Marvel artist Harvey Tolibao will return to meet more fans at this year's STGCC! Harvey was recently working on the Silver Surfer mini series and he has drawn a special Singaporean cover to "Captain America #1" by Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven! Just look at this!!! It's the *gasp*... that water-spewing creature of a Merlion! Talk about wading in more drool.

This comic will be a limited edition STGCC-only variant of 1,000 copies, with 500 being made available each day from the Marvel booth at C6. Each copy costs SGD 15. And Harvey will be at the Marvel booth signing these special variants.

Besides Harvey, another comic artist who has done many of Marvel's artwork has been announced as a STGCC guest. His name is Mico Suayan ("Thor"/ "X-Men Legacy"). Not only will Mico be doing sketches at booth E22 with exhibitor Elseworlds, he will be releasing an exclusive sketchbook, limited to 500 copies only.

Oh but ... Wait!... Here's the sizzling guest announcement of the moment!

Marvel graphic novel writer Kieron Gillen will be coming to STGCC as a Guest of Honour! Based in the UK, Kieron has written several titles including "Uncanny X-Men", "Journey Into Mystery" and "Generation Hope".

No details yet as to what Kieron will be participating in. Red Dot Diva supposes he will be at panels and autograph sessions. But she is certain comic fans are all set to give Kieron a big humid and HOT Singapore welcome, yeah?

On the toys side of things, the popular DevilRobots guys - Koto Nishiyama and Shinichiro Kitai - have also confirmed their appearance at STGCC too!

In addition, HK collectible production company Hot Toys will be setting up a dedicated concept booth and exhibiting their detailed items like those from The Dark Knight and Iron Man. Limited edition collectible figurines from their 2011 Toy Fairs Exclusive range will be launched during STGCC together with local retail chain, Action City.

One of these collectibles is the super-awesome looking Iron Man 2: Mark IV Limited Edition Collectible Figurine (Secret Project). *More drool*!!

And it seems there are even more cool STGCC announcements to come!

Red Dot Diva says -- Just keep saving those extra ca$h for the convention. And keep holding on to those drool buckets!


Credit for Marvel Merlion variant comic: TM & © 2011 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.

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