Monday, June 6, 2011

At Screen Singapore's Premiere of "The Devil Inside Me"

Director Zhang Qi and actress Anya
Red Dot Diva found it a little strange that the opening movie for the inaugural Screen Singapore turned out to be a spooky horror-thriller entitled "The Devil Inside Me".

Are the organizers trying to scare more people into attending next year's event? ;)

The premiere for the movie was held at GV Vivocity, a cineplex nestled within a very crowded shopping mall. The setting itself detracts much from the glamourous aura of celebrity-spotting. But that didn't stop some very excited fans from staking out their places at the cineplex several hours before the celebrities made their appearances.

Because, after all, how often does one get to see Zhang Ziyi in the flesh???

Dressed in a very pretty sparkly Ralph Lauren black gown, Zhang Ziyi was all smiles when she walked down the red carpet last Sunday night. The event's hosts - local personalities Li Teng and Pei Fen - asked how she was coping with the Red Dot Island weather. Ziyi said that she did not have major problems dealing with it. But it had been grey and rainy yesterday and she hoped that it will be sunny soon.

She was asked about her work in "Till Death Do Us Part", a Chinese romance-medical drama about AIDS in rural China, and her thoughts about it not being screened here yet. The movie also stars the ever-youthful Aaron Kwok.

Here are her comments, in Mandarin:

Red Dot Diva thought that Ziyi looked genuinely pleased to be here for Screen Singapore, as she beamed, greeted and thanked her fans for their support.

Ziyi was not the only celebrity who charmed the locals at last night's gala premiere. Director Zhang Qi and actress Anya were both on the red carpet to accompany the premiere of their movie "The Devil Inside Me". Other Asian celebrities, like action star Collin Chou who was with fellow "The Mural" co-star actresses Yan Li and director Gordon Chan, as well as acclaimed directors like Jon Landau ("Avatar") and Shekhar Kapur ("Elizabeth") also graced the event with their presence.

Popular Mediacorp artistes and familiar local personalities were at the gala premiere too. Actor Edmund Chen rushed from a busy day filming on set to make it for the event. Chou En Lai, Shaun Chen, a very tanned Bobby Tonelli and Fly Entertainment's pretty artistes Mindee Ong and Pamelyn Chee added some local-styled glamour.

At Vivocity was also CEO of Fly Entertainment Irene Ang. She was there to give support to versatile actor Adrian Pang, who has a role in the Aussie-produced 3D film called "Bait". One of the pervier questions of the night was posed to "Bait"'s director Chris Brown: "Does Adrian Pang look as good in 3D??" Haha.

Well, it was fortunate that Red Dot Diva did not get helplessly trampled on by aggressive media people. She was, however, very amused to see the non-media folks (mainly men) with gigantic *ahem* equipment for their star-gazing hobby. One does kinda wonder what do they do with their tele-zoom lens when celebrities are not on the Island?

All in all, it was a pretty sparkly and rather fun affair at GV Vivocity. And there will be more such starry events coming up in the next few days during Screen Singapore.

So star gazers, go grab your photographic equipment for a walk and come drop by at GV Vivocity and Lido for the upcoming Screen Singapore red carpet events!

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