Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Chance To Get SDCC Tickets!

(24 Jun - Post amended to incorporate new link for online resale of tickets)

Desperately needing a SDCC 2011 ticket?

There is a chance one might be able to snag it off from SDCC's website when the organizers put up 1,500 refunded 4-day tickets for sale.

For one thing, Red Dot Diva wonders about the myriad of reasons which led to such a large number of refunded tickets. In any case, she is sure the hoard of Twilight-crazed fans will be all poised to snap them up from the break of dawn.

So, if one wants to grab a ticket before the sparkly vamp-lovers chew 'em all up, do follow SDCC's twitter closely. Like a hawk.

There's only an hour's prior notice given before the tickets go up on sale!

The link for getting the tickets is RIGHT HERE.

Red Dot Diva cautions that one should read the instructions carefully too!

Good luck!

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