Monday, October 3, 2022

Local Horror Podcast Ghost Maps Wins At 17th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards 2022

GHOST MAPS: TRUE SOUTHEAST ASIAN HORROR STORIES has won Best Asian Hosted Podcast at the 17th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards! The People’s Choice Podcast Awards are a global and prestigious awards given annually to the best podcasts as voted by the general public. It is the longest running and past winners include This American Life, Crime Junkie, and WTF with Marc Maron. GHOST MAPS is the first Singaporean podcast to win at the awards. Congratulations!

HANTU’s flagship series GHOST MAPS is the go-to podcast for narrative supernatural tales which stars our region's notorious ghosts, monsters and supernatural spooks. Pontianak stories? Check. Vengeful child spirits? Check. Pocongs? Yeppp. Check.

The three-year old local production was created by filmmaker Kyle Ong, and writer Wayne Rée. The series features stories inspired by true accounts from their friends and family as well as those submitted by the fans. It is now a hot favourite with horror fans, scoring more than 1.5 million unique downloads across Southeast Asia, as well as America, India and Australia.

We started GHOST MAPS because we believe these types of stories are very much a part of our culture, as Singaporeans and Southeast Asians,” says Ong.

Rée adds, “We wanted to revitalise the oral tradition of telling ghost stories, which is why podcasting was the perfect fit.

Besides GHOST MAPS, their company HANTU also has a monthly talk show, Dead Air; Unearthed, a collaboration with the National Library Board of Singapore that delved deep into the Pontianak's history. Their short film Closing Time about the late eerie encounter by a young couple who owns a small convenience store, was screened at the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival.

GHOST MAPS' "true" stories transports you to a digital campfire huddle, where people trade their personal supernatural experiences in deliberate, hushed tones.

To get a taste of GHOST MAPS' trademark chill thrills, you can listen to their podcasts at these platforms:

* Spotify
* Apple Podcasts
* Youtube

Red Dot Diva hopes you can sleep peacefully after listening to the episodes. Whatever it is, keep your eyes closed!


Check out the 17th Annual People's Choice Podcast Awards Ceremony 2022. Watch from the 50:17 mark for footage of Kyle Ong and Wayne Rée accepting the Best Asian Hosted Podcast

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