Saturday, September 17, 2022

Happy Batman Day 2022 - Visit the Batcave at XM Studios, Catch The Batman Premiere on HBO and more!

Nana nana nana nana BATMAN!!!! Happy Batman Day, all you geeks!

On 17 September, also known as Batman Day, fans celebrate the World’s Greatest Detective's adventures for over 80 years! And he's still going strong.

So, what are the Batty things you can do with your squad on Red Dot Island for the festivities? Check out the following list of things to do:


From now till 2 October 2022, XM Studios in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC, is homebase for all things Batman for fans and their family during this year's celebration.

Visit their flagship store and exhibition space at Kitchener Complex to explore a life-sized Batcave, with costumed statues and props. The studio will also be showing off newly released statues, and new merchandise like those from the Batman Samurai line, as well as have lucky draws, workshops, and in-store promotions. Do check out their website and social media accounts for what are the fun stuff happening at their showfloor.

And even if you are more a villain than a superhero, there are so many other intricate DC-related statues exhibited at the store too! It's a super Instagrammable place, so why not head to XM studios in your costumes or geek-wear to commemorate this special occasion.


Gear up for BATWHEELS! This is DC’s first-ever Batman preschool series, and will officially launch later this year on Cartoon Network and Cartoonito on HBO GO. The cast of this Bat-tastic series includes Ethan Hawke (as Batman), Jacob Bertand (as Bam the Batmobile), Gina Rodriguez (as Catwoman) and Xolo Maridueña (as Snowy the Snowcrawler), among others.

Before the cartoon premieres, baby geeks and their families can catch a half-hour special “Meet the Batwheels” on Batman Day! The special will air exclusively on Cartoonito on HBO GO and Cartoon Network, all across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. As an introduction to the various sentient and super-powered vehicles in the series, find out the origin story of Bam (the Batmobile), Bibi (the Batgirl Cycle), Redbird (Robin’s Sports Car), Batwing (the Batwing Jet Plane), and Buff (the Bat Truck).

For the latest updates, follow Cartoonito Asia on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


The latest Batman movie by director Michael Reeves starts at an interesting point of Bruce Wayne's life as the superhero-vigilante of Gotham City. The critically acclaimed crime noir film stars Robert Pattinson as Batman/ Bruce Wayne, Zoë Kravitz, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell as The Penguin, who is totally unrecognisable under the amazing makeup.

In The Batman, the superhero puts his astute detective skills to task. Together with Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), the duo track down The Riddler, the perpetrator of high-profile murders that point to a decades-long and deeply rooted political corruption scandal. Don't miss watching The Batman by streaming it on HBO GO, or watching it on HBO cable channel on 17 Sep (Sat), 9 PM SGT.


Invite your geek pals, get all those snacks ready, and have a Batman TV watch party!

There are many programmes lined-up for the Batman Day celebration. For The LEGO and animated movie lovers, there are LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite, Lego DC Batman: Family Matters, Batman: The Brave And The Bold, and Justice League Action available on Cartoon Network.

And if animation is not your cup of tea (you know, the kind brewed by Alfred), you can catch the thrilling DC superhero movies featuring the Caped Crusader, like Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Red Dot Diva highly recommends this one, but it is over 4 hours long though. You have been warned!), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Dark Knight. Michael Reeves' The Batman will also premiere on Batman Day (see section above.) All these will be streaming on HBO GO.

Batman Day is a global occasion celebrated by fans everywhere! To find out more news on all the Batman Day activations happening around the globe, check out the online website - the Batman Day Hub at

Keep a close eye on Batman's social media accounts. The iconic DC Super-Villians are planning a diabolical move and are set to hijack our favourite Bat's social channels on Batman Day! Follow @Batman on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what kind of shenanigans are unfolding. Oh, no, in fact The Joker is already there! Will he create more chaos on the Internet? Be careful. These baddies are also going to take over the DC Shop.

Talking about the official DC Shop, you can browse through the new, Super-Villain themed merchandise, including a special edition of 2002’s Batman #608, the first chapter of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's 12-part mystery. Unfortunately, these are not available for sale in our region though. So, to get the best Batman stuff, Red Dot Diva recommends shopping at your favourite comic book store, like GnB Comics, or make a special visit to XM Studios!

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