Wednesday, May 18, 2022

You Won't Believe It's Trash Art Exhibition - Intricate Models Built By Local Artist Simon Tan

The YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT'S TRASH (YWBIT) Exhibition organised by Lendlease to promote sustainability and zero-waste habits may have already ended, but Red Dot Diva still cannot get over how amazing the art pieces were. So, she decided to publish this belated blog post as a reminder of the time when she stood there admiring the impressive models on display at Parkway Parade. Besides Parkway Parade, the roving exhibition was held at Paya Lebar Quarter, Jem, and 313 Somerset.

All the intricately built models were by one man, a local retiree and self-taught artist named Simon Tan. Mr Tan uses various recycled materials like cardboard, foam, paper, toothpicks and even broom heads to make these art pieces. Most of them were very recognisable pop-culture characters or props like the Alien Queen from the Alien vs Predator universe, the monster from Frankenstein, and the Star Destroyer from Star Wars.

There was even a sculpture of Sir Stamford Raffles, complete with tiny "engraved plaques" at the base of his pedestal. Just like the statue you see standing at the Singapore River in real life.

Besides Mr Tan's models, there were also displays about recycling and zero-waste that featured colourful illustrations designed by local environmentalist Woo Qiyun together with designer Stacey Yip. There was also a collection drive where the public was encouraged to place recyclable items like plastic bottles, clean aluminium drink cans and paper into an onsite vending machine.

Red Dot Diva thought the exhibition was very inspiring. It showed that creativity knows no limits, and neither should age be a major hindrance to creating art. If you missed show at any of the malls, you can still check out Mr Tan's sculptures in this RDD video edit of the event at Parkway Parade. Maybe you will be moved to make something beautiful or useful from recyclable materials too!

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