Sunday, May 29, 2022

Top Gun: Maverick – A Light, Water & Pyrotechnic Extravaganza At Marina Bay Sands - What A Blast!

After 36 years, the long awaited sequel TOP GUN: MAVERICK starring Tom Cruise, is now showing at theatres all over the world. The follow-up movie is set 30 years after the original action blockbuster film TOP GUN, and sees the return of Tom Cruise' character Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell and Val Kilmer as Admiral Tom "Iceman" Kazansky.

In tune with the TOP GUN movies stories about US Navy fighter pilots, TOP GUN: MAVERICK had a world premiere on board the aircraft carrier USS Midway, where Tom Cruise made a heckuva entrance by flying and landing a helicopter on the ship deck. To add on to the spectacle, there were also jet flyovers and the presence of uniformed servicemen accompanying the cast members on the red carpet.

Red Dot Island has seen her share of flashy red carpet premieres in recent years before the pandemic struck. Ever since a series of lockdowns and limited social restrictions in 2019, big scale events such as these have yet to return to our shores. In a way, Red Dot Diva misses these grand affairs, even though the messy and sweaty hours of standing in the public fans' area does suck the energy of from her for a couple of days or so. She has also suffered a few minor bruises and scrapes from being right in the fray of things. Still, the possibility of getting close to your favourite celebrity was real, and if you managed to get that rare selfie with the actor, well... then you are probably set for your entire geek life.

Hopefully, movie premieres will return in a big way in Red Dot Island again soon. Meanwhile, less flashy movie premieres at cinemas are still held by the local distributors. UIP Singapore's premiere event for TOP GUN: MAVERICK held at Shaw Theatres Lido saw some well-known celebrities in attendance, as well as a few US Navy aviators based here.

But if you have been expecting Great Balls Of Fire, Red Dot Diva has to hand it to the 10-minute TOP GUN: MAVERICK – A Light, Water & Pyrotechnic Extravaganza held at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) on 21 May. The choreographed pyrotechnics display, together with the colourful light and water projections that included scenes from the movie, was an absolute blast! It was also really fun to be part of a shared experience as fans cheered and clapped after the Top Gun-themed show ended.

Red Dot Diva was glad she braved the heat and humidity to catch the exciting TOP GUN: MAVERICK light & water show that night. The event, which was a collaboration between MBS and UIP Singapore, marked the return the MBS' fan-staged events since the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as its own nightly light & water show called Spectra. To add to the festivities, the TOP GUN logos were also projected on MBS' iconic towers as well as the ArtScience Museum.

If you missed being there on site, Red Dot Diva has compiled a video of the TOP GUN: MAVERICK – A Light, Water & Pyrotechnic Extravaganza below. (Note: The video contains excerpts of the show - mostly the segment with pyrotechnics - because a large part of it was barred by Youtube, due to the movie's soundtrack.)

Feel the need for speed? TOP GUN: MAVERICK is currently showing at local theatres.

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