Sunday, April 18, 2021

Phantom on the Scan #1 Is An Atmospheric Start To A Creepy Paranormal Tale

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Mark Torres, co-creators of the chilling horror series “COLD SPOTS”, have teamed up again with another supernatural tale with AfterShock Comics. Their new series called “PHANTOM ON THE SCAN” was launched last week, and the first issue offers intriguing teasers about how the story is going to unfold in the next week books.

Lead character Matthew Jordan began manifesting his psychic powers through a child spectre, after a comet fell to earth 20 years ago. Every time he uses his abilities, he feels his life force being drained away.

Matt learns that he is not the only one experiencing this phenomenon, and gathers together a group of psychics with an objective to save themselves from certain death. However, when one of them dies horribly during their first meeting, they discover something even more sinister is out to get them.

Unlike many other genres, the extra-spookiness in horror stories come from the silences in between - what is unsaid versus what's being said. Cullen Bunn is a master in that aspect, providing the story with momentum as well as an interesting narrative without being verbose. When paired with Mark Torres beautifully disturbing artwork and magnetising choice of colour spectrum, “PHANTOM ON THE SCAN” is an elegant read, in spite of the unexpected gory scenes.

The lettering by Dave Sharpe is also worthy of mention, providing the scariest moments in this issue with loads of shock factor. To ramp up the eerie ambience, Red Dot Diva recommends that you put on a bonus original soundtrack composed and performed by Mark Torres, that comes together with the book.

In the last few pages, some hints are given about a secretive organisation that plays a part in all of these weirdness, providing readers a motivation to find out what's in store for the nervous group of psychics. “PHANTOM ON THE SCAN” #2 is scheduled to be out in stores on May 19.

Are you aching for a chance to discuss about “PHANTOM ON THE SCAN” #1? If you have questions about the comic book series, you can ask artist Mark Torres during “PHANTOM HOUR”, a Facebook livestream hosted by Red Dot Diva, on 24 April (Sat) at 1 PM SGT (+8 GMT).

Chill out with us at a virtual campfire as we discuss about the making of “PHANTOM ON THE SCAN”, the horror genre, music, and life in general!

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