Saturday, April 10, 2021

Columbia Pictures' Aquaverse Theme Park in Thailand Set To Open in October 2021

With overseas travel plans stalled for more than a year, people are understandably craving to get on a plane and out of this island for a change of scenery. Well, here is a motivation to save more travel money and head to Thailand, when things improve concerning the current pandemic and travel bubbles are established.

Set to open from October 2021, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amazon Falls have collaborated to develop Columbia Picture's first theme and water park at Bangsaray, a seaside town located 20 minutes from Pattaya and 90 minutes from Bangkok. The new tourist destination, set within a 14-acre area, is called “Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse”.

There will be exciting, state-of-the-art rides, live shows, interactive props and themed restaurants featuring favourite characters from Columbia Pictures' movies like Ghostbusters, Men in Black and Hotel Transylvania, that will cater to visitors of all ages. And of course, the opportunity to buy those specially curated merchandise to add to your collection.

A total of 8 highly immersive theme zones have been planned for the park so far. Here is the list of the fun stuff you can look forward to!

* Men in Black Thrill Rides – This is Aquaverse's mega thrill zone with hair-raising water coaster rides, of which one of them has a 12-meter free-fall ride that sends you swooshing right down a MIB Wormhole.

* Ghostbusters Supernatural Experience – A water coaster sends you into the Ghostbusters portal and passes by spooky ghost traps. Or if you dare, step into the world’s first and only fully-enclosed water dome called The Ghostbusters Orb in a family raft ride.

* Bad Boys Raceway – Bad boys, whatcha want? A hardcore chase, of course! Rev it up on the new outdoor go-kart tracks and vroom, vroom vroom! through the neon-lit street of Miami.

* Jumanji Jungle Adventure – Head into the jungle at Jaguar Mountain and escape from Mandrills as you ride a series of water slides with weightlessness and one mega drop before you are sent wildly plunging into a splash pool.

* Hotel Transylvania Kid-Friendly Zone – Join your favourite monsters for a vacation and be ready to get soaking wet because this zone is the largest within the theme park, featuring over 100 water features, splash buckets, water rockets and more! 

* Surf’s Up in Surfer’s Paradise – Surf's up, dude! It's time to show off your epic moves on the high waves - thanks to the park's dual Flowrider! WHOAAAA.

* Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Swallow Falls River Adventure – Love those Foodimals from the animated movie? Cruise along a lazy river and meet these weird hybrid creatures made by the Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator, or FLDSMDFR for short.

* VIVO Wave Pool – This relaxing giant wave pool inspired by an upcoming animated musical, is also a venue for staged live shows and events.

Red Dot Diva is glad that Hollywood appears to be putting some attention to the South-East Asian region in recent years. We have been ignored for so long, so Aquaverse looks like a groundbreaking step forward. 

After lockdowns and restricted travel, it is also nice to look forward to having some fun and frivolity. Keep a look out for more news about the exciting travel hot spot at Aquaverse Water & Theme Park's website -!

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