Friday, October 2, 2020

Experience "AUTUMN" the unusual 12-hour live instalment for HBO's Third Day series (3 Oct, 4:30 PM)

Unlike the islanders of Osea in HBO's psychological thriller THE THIRD DAY, there are no changing of seasons in equatorial Red Dot Island. Many of those who live here have not experienced autumn before, but now you would have an opportunity to do so.

Later on, at 4:30 PM (3 October, Saturday), there will be a special 12-hour theatrical event dubbed “AUTUMN”, where you can immerse yourself in the world of THE THIRD DAY'S Osea Island via a livestream on HBO Asia's Facebook page. The island exists in real life, by the way. So does the old Roman-built causeway that can only be navigated at low tide for approximately only 4 hours a day in every 12.

The cinematic broadcast features the show's cast including lead actors Jude Law, Katherine Waterston and Florence Welch. The audience will be able to watch events unfold on mysterious Osea Island in real time in one single day, in one single take. This sounds like such a unique, trippy experience that Red Dot Diva is making plans to log on and see what this is all about. What will the Osea villagers be doing during these 12 hours? Will they be making creepy eye-contact with the camera?

The first chapter of the limited series called “SUMMER” ended this week after 3 episodes. Instead of the usual dramatic episodes being aired, “AUTUMN”will act as the bridge to “WINTER”, the final chapter. However, viewers do not necessarily need to watch the other episodes in order to enjoy the “AUTUMN” live event.

“AUTUMN” is created by theatrical innovators Punchdrunk and co-directed by founder and artistic director of Punchdrunk, Felix Barrett, and “Summer” director Marc Munden.

The first three episodes of THE THIRD DAY begins with the story of Sam (Jude Law), who is trying to disentangle himself with a financial problem as well as deal with immense grief from a personal loss. After saving a girl from self-harm, he offers to drives her back home, and she leads him to Osea Island. Sam then finds himself at the epicentre of unsettling pagan folklore and traditions, meeting both helpful and menacing villagers, and stumbling into a helluva ‘WTH happened’ twists and turns, as the lines between reality and the mystical begin to blur.

Even before the live event, “SUMMER” is already a great indication of what followers can expect. The scenes in each episode are both visually and aurally atmospheric and serve to heighten one's senses either by a closeup of the emotions on Jude Law's face, a frantic chase through tall reeds, or the drone views of the sea and winding causeway.

After watching Sam's harrowing mind trip, Red Dot Diva knows that it is* NOT* a good idea to stay on Osea Island, especially if you are an unbeliever. But... since she is miles away, scary creepy stuff won't happen through the internet, right??????


To watch“SUMMER”, the first chapter of THE THIRD DAY, you can stream or download the 3 episodes on HBO GO. “WINTER”, the next three episodes starring Naomie Harris (Academy Award nominee for “Moonlight”), will premiere on 6 October (Tuesday) at 9 AM on HBO GO and HBO, with encores on the same day at 10 PM on HBO. New episodes will be available every Tuesday after that.

Watch the disturbing trailer for THE THIRD DAY below:

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