Sunday, October 11, 2020

MY RODE Reel 2020: Vote for Singapore Entry CLOSING TIME by Kyle Ong and Wayne Rée

A few months ago, Red Dot Diva held a livestream with her friend Wayne Rée to discuss about horror stories in this region. While introducing the South-East Asian podcast called GHOST MAPS that he is involved in, Red Dot Diva had expressed a wish for more local horror films that would appeal to today's audiences. A good scare is always cathartic when things get tense, don't you think? Like during a pandemic, for instance.

Then, suddenly... BOOO!!! just right in time for Halloween, Wayne messaged Red Dot Diva with a piece of spooky good news. Together with his GHOST MAPS collaborator and film maker Kyle Ong, they have made a horror-comedy short film called CLOSING TIME (打烊). The film had been submitted to MY RØDE REEL 2020, dubbed as The World's Largest Short Film Competition.

My RØDE Reel Short Film Competition, currently at its 7th year running, is organised by RØDE Microphones. This year, the highest cash prize ever is being offered for a short film competition. How much you ask? A glorious $1 million in cash is up for grabs!!

CLOSING TIME (打烊) is about a young couple Steven and Mavis who own a small convenience store. One late night, after an encounter with a friendly ghoul, they begin to receive several new (old?) supernatural customers in the dead of night.

Red Dot Diva thought the film, unfolding in a familiar local setting, packs in humour, sadness and empathy succinctly in just 3 minutes. The lighting was impressive, and serves to blur the lines between the real and paranormal realms. Plus, the actors were so superb in it too.

Do help vote for CLOSING TIME (打烊) in a bid for the film to win the People’s Choice Category.

To cast your vote, click to this link -

You can log your vote via your Facebook, Google or Weibo account, or your email address. Only one vote is allowed for each film entry. Voting ends at 12 PM AEDT (3 PM Singapore time) on 21 October 2020.

MY RØDE REEL 2020 offers 10 categories for film makers to compete in: 5 genre categories – Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Animation and Behind-The-Scenes – and 5 special categories – Judges Choice, People’s Choice, Sound Design, Young Filmmaker, and Best Chinese Film. If CLOSING TIME (打烊) gets to win a prize, the team will be able to have the funds to produce a longer cut!

So, give your support to local talent, and vote for it!

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