Saturday, June 20, 2020

Diva Goes Behind the Scenes with LukeForever, the Producer of Legend of Hope - A Star Wars Fan Film

LEGEND OF HOPE - A STAR WARS FAN FILM, which was released during this year's May the 4th celebration, is one of the best local fan-made creation that Red Dot Diva has seen this year. Considering that 2020 is mostly cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic,  LEGEND OF HOPE was such a joy to watch. It is a timely gift, for an unusual era when people around the world are feeling discombobulated with lockdowns and restrictions.

Set in the forests of Kashyyyk after the execution of Order 66, the short 20-minute drama featured scowling villains, cheeky humour, intense light-saber duels, a fearless female resistance fighter, and more importantly, that stirring promise of Hope to fight for another day. And when it expands the Star Wars Universe to include Singlish-speaking Jedi -- lagi best.


So then, who are the brains behind this special fan video? Popular local YouTuber LukeForever (who has over 2,300 subscribers) heads this passion project with the help of his team of loyal, hard-working mates. The thrilling action scenes were choreographed by another local actor and producer, Jonathan Cheong, who incidentally also plays the major baddie in the fan film. Amongst the actors is all-round stunt guy Kasimir Poh Cieslak as Darth Vader.

The project took about a year to complete from drawing board to its completed version. For a locally-made fan film on a tiny budget of SGD 4,000, Red Dot Diva thought the production values was remarkable. The fan film has since chalked up over 12,000 views.

After the video was released on YouTube, Red Dot Diva reached out to LukeForever with a list of nosy questions on the making of LEGEND OF HOPE. Despite his busy schedule, LukeForever has managed to record and post a video sharing about what his feelings and headspace when he put this project into motion. And... YAAASS! He also answered Red Dot Diva's 8 Nosy Questions in the video!

Amongst other behind the scenes information that LukeForever talked about, he revealed the meaning behind the fan film's title, and warned about the most gruelling aspect of producing the film, which by the way, was the labourious, under-appreciated skill of film editing. He also shared about which Star Wars movie he would love to have been involved in, and the time when his set was ambushed by a marauding band of monkeys!

WARNING: The video is Moderately NSFW.
There is a fair amount of profanity in this video as LukeForever is being his charming enthusiastic self. So, do not turn up the volume if you are watching this in front of young children or within a conservative office space!

LukeForever also mentioned that he intends to produce a separate LEGEND OF HOPE Behind The Scenes video for his Youtube channel in the near future. Red Dot Diva thinks this is a great way to show the work involved in making a short film, as well as to inspire fledging movie-makers out there. Oh, and please do add in funny bloopers!

With young, dedicated, talented creatives like LukeForever and his crew producing films like these, more locally-made movies will be doing a hyperspace jump onto the international stage sooner than you think.

May the Force Be With Us!

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