Wednesday, June 17, 2020

DC FanDome Is A 24-Hour Global Virtual Event Specially For The Fans!

Set your calendars for DC FanDome!

This mega, immersive, 24-hour virtual global fan event by Warner Bros. is set to kick-off on August 22 (that is, Sunday August 23, starting at 1 AM Singapore time). It will cost nothing for the fans to step into the multiverse of DC's Super Heroes and Super-Villains from past, present and futures shows. There will be no queues, no badges required, and best of all, no heartattack-inducing hotelapocalypse!

Everything will happen at, with exciting announcements on WB's game, film and TV properties, plus a chance to watch the cast, creators and those from behind the scenes who have worked in various comics, movies and TV series share about their experiences.

Some of the titles that will be featured at DC FanDome are:

Man of Steel
Birds of Prey

The Flash
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Black Lightning
DC's Stargirl
Doom Patrol
DC Super Hero Girls
Teen Titans GO!
Harley Quinn
Young Justice: Outsiders

Highly anticipated shows which have been slated for future releases like WONDER WOMAN 1984, THE BATMAN, THE SUICIDE SQUAD (aka Suicide Squad 2), the SYNDERCUT OF JUSTICE LEAGUE, BLACK ADAM as well as upcoming series SUPERMAN AND LOIS are also included in DC FanDome, so it will be interesting to find out what tidbits, exclusive footage and teasers the creators and cast members have for the fans.

The virtual world of DC FanDome also offers these events in different languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Italian, so that fans around the world is able to access the special presentations in their local language.


As you can see from the DC FanDome map above, The Hall of Heroes is the epicentre. It is here where fans will experience special programming, surprise reveals, and intriguing panels.

From there, fans can explore the 5 different multiverses:

* DC WatchVerse
Imagine. Hours and hours of content for you to watch! Panels, exclusive screenings, never-before-seen footage featuring cast, crew and creators will be shown in this section during the virtual event.

* DC YouVerse
In this section, the fans are the stars of the show. Here is where you can ogle at the sheer creativity of fan-made content that include fan art, cosplay, videos and more.

* DC KidsVerse
For the young ones, they can step directly into a special universe at Entertaining family-friendly content will be housed here so that the kids can be part of the adventure too.

* DC InsiderVerse
Enter into this creative-based zone, with creatives and artists from comics, theme parks, games, movies, consumer products, and more. There will also be a welcome video with DC CCO/Publisher Jim Lee, President of DC-Based Film Production Walter Hamada, and creator of the DC TV Arrowverse, Executive Producer Greg Berlanti, giving an introduction to the DC Multiverse.

* DC FunVerse
Need to buy some DC merchandise?? Hop into this universe for limited edition exclusives, digital giveaways, shareables, and other goodies, like a DIY WW84 Golden Armour and Batmobile kits.


In partnership with Talenthouse, DC FanDome is giving DC Superfans a chance to show off their creations - fan art, cosplay, tattoos, makeup, whatever that shows off your fan love loud and proud.

Submit your fan creations at, and you may get the chance to be featured in this worldwide virtual event. The selected artist of the day will be voted by the community in two competitions. After which, the judges will pick the winners for the competitions, and they will each  stand to win part of a cash prize pool from DC and Talenthouse. (Note: official rules are available at, so please head there to read them carefully.)

With about two months to go, Red Dot Diva is sure that there will be a stream of news and announcements leading up to DC FanDome. Keep an eye out for them at the official website, You can also read the newly launched blog called The Daily Star, where updates will be posted. For the first blog entry, Jim Lee, Publisher & Chief Creator for DC, sends out an invite for all DC fans to gather for this super-mega event.

As most of you may already know, Red Dot Diva is an hardcore DC Girl. Her longtime favourite comic book characters are all from DC, so she is more than ready to get sucked into the DC FanDome multiverse on August 23. So Super Excites!!!

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