Monday, May 25, 2020

HBO Asia's New Chilling Survival Series The Head Premieres on 12 June 2020

It has been a steamy pot of sweltering heat and humidity in Red Dot Island for the last couple of weeks. That is why Red Dot Diva is looking forward to some visual relief consisting of icy land masses of Antarctica when WarnerMedia's HBO Asia premieres a new thriller called THE HEAD on 12 June at 9 PM (SG Time).

THE HEAD is about a small group of scientists called the Winterers, who are huddled in Polaris VI international polar station in Antarctica during its long freezing winter months. They are there to work on a project crucial to climate change. The team consists of members from different countries, and are led by a respected biologist Arthur Wilde (John Lynch). Then suddenly, during on of these long polar nights, communications from the station stalled, cutting the group off from the outside world.

When summer commander Johan Berg (Alexander Willaume) arrives at the station in spring, finding the team dead or missing. Johan's wife Annika (Laura Bach) is one of those missing, and with the help of apparent lone survivor Maggie (Katherine O'Donnelly), there is an urgency to find out what happened during the last 6 months of winter. Is there a killer on the loose? Or was there something stranger and more sinister that happened?

The international cast for THE HEAD includes Tomohisa Yamashita (“Code Blue”), Katherine O'Donnelly (“Mary Queen of Scots”), Alexandre Willaume (“Below the Surface”, “Tomb Raider”), Laura Bach (“Sprinter Galore”), Sandra Andreis (“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”), Amelia Hoy (“Killing Eve”) , Chris Reilly (“Allied”, “Everest”), Richard Sammel (“Inglorious Bastards”) and Tom Lawrence (“The King”, “The Crown”).

Based on the trailer, you might have wondered if the series was actually filmed in the frigid landscape of Antarctica. In actual fact, THE HEAD was shot in a two-thousand-square-meter studio located in Tenerife, Spain, where the intricate set of the Polaris VI research station, including its interiors, all  built to actual scale. This allowed the production's show runners and crew to film long shots of the characters walking and acting their scenes inside the research station. For the show's exteriors, the team went to Iceland to gather the shots required. However, a large part of the series' mystery unfolds within the walls of the polar research station, which enhances the feeling of “enscapulation”.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the mystery of Polaris VI, unfolding in six 1-hour long spine-chilling episodes. With a script written by creator Àlex Pastor and David Pastor, in collaboration with screenwriter Isaac Sastre, the show includes dialogues in both English and Danish. THE HEAD is directed by Jorge Dorado (“The Pier”, “Mindscape”), and is produced in association with Hulu Japan and The Mediapro Studio.


You can watch THE HEAD exclusively on HBO GO and HBO Asia on Starhub and Singtel TV.

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