Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Diva's Friend Booked Her A Video Message From Neal McDonough - Thank You SO MUCH!

It's DAY 3 of CIRCUIT BREAKER Mode in Red Dot Island, as us islanders try to curb the spread of the infectious disease, and attempt to “flatten the curve”. What other countries call a lockdown, the Red Dot Island government has decided to call “Circuit Breaker”. Red Dot Diva thinks the term used is both ingenious and funny at the same time.

Not being with friends or family for an extended period of time can be disconcerting. Even for most introverts. People are social creatures after all, regardless of the level of interaction one prefers.

So, it was such a LOVELY SURPRISE when Red Dot Diva was woken up by a familiar ping on WhatsApp this morning from fellow nerd bro Ryan. Within the message was a video from one of Red Dot Diva's favourite silver foxy actors, NEAL MCDONOUGH!

OMG. *introverted silent shrieks*

Ryan had booked for the special message from a video-sharing website called CAMEO, and it totally made Red Dot Diva's day.

Watch Neal McDonough say hello to Red Dot Diva:

Ahhhh! *flailing helplessly*

Actor Neal McDonough, known for his silver hair, resonant voice and those Chilling/ Beautiful (depending on what characters he plays!) blue eyes. So hypnotic.

You might remember him in several movies and TV shows, like Band of Brothers, Desperate Housewives, Suits, Van Helsing, and Justified. If you watched the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG movie, Neal McDonough played the role of Major Bennington. 

In a more comic book geek world, Neal McDonough is best known in Arrowverse for portraying the Big Bag Damien Darhk. He recently returned and wrapped up his role in DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season 5, Episode 7 entitled “Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac”. It was so touching to see Papa Darhk's love for his Nora Doll (played by Courtney Ford), walked her down to aisle to marry Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford's real life hubby), and how he just wanted her to be happy.

Red Dot Diva enjoys Neal's performances whenever he is on screen, but especially when he is being a dangerous bad dude. He just does it so well.

If you want to watch more of Neal McDonough's work, he recently starred and executive produced a western movie called THE WARRANT, as John Breaker, a sheriff in Linn County, Missouri.

He is also currently on History channel's drama series about UFOs called PROJECT BLUE BOOK, based on the actual investigation conducted by the United States Air Force in the 1950's and 1960's. The show just completed its second season. In the series, Neal McDonough plays the co-founder of Project Blue Book, a high-ranking official named General James Harding.

Thank you so so much, Neal - for sending a sweet message from afar. Red Dot Diva wishes that you and your lovely family stay safe too!

And a big Thank You to Ryan for thinking of me. This was so unexpected, and a much appreciated gesture of friendship. *MUACK!* Please stay safe and healthy too! With extra regards to your wife J and son E!

We will get through this tough times together!


For those who want to book a cameo for a friend or family member to cheer them up, head on the to CAMEO website and check out the list of celebrities and personalities who are available for a short video interaction with fans.

CAMEO is also holding a 3-Day Virtual Convention from April 16 to April 18, to benefit those impacted by COVID-19. There will be panels, musical performances and comedy hour.

You can register for free right now for exclusive access to our speaker lineup, invite codes, and more. However, Red Dot Diva is not sure if there are charges for events when you want to join or watch those. In any case, it seems to be worth checking out!

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