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Ubisoft Singapore Sails the High Seas with New IP Pirate Game "Skull and Bones"!


At a celebratory cocktail event held at KC Arts Centre last Tuesday, 13 June, game developer Ubisoft Singapore's team was in extremely high spirits.

That mood was expected, of course. The passionate team - some of them were at Los Angeles attending The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 (E3 2017), while others at base camp had stayed up till past 4 AM watching the E3 Ubisoft conference  - was elated over the official announcement of their two biggest projects.

The highlights of the E3 2017 conference about these game titles were shared with the press and invited guests that night.

The first title to be unveiled by Creative director Justin Farren at the E3 conference was the big budget AAA online multiplayer pirate adventure called "Skull and Bones". This is the first new IP created by the talented Ubisoft Singapore team, and it is something that the studio has always dreamed of building ever since it was heavily involved with "Assassin's Creed: Black Flag".

"Skull and Bones" sets game players in 1721, around the tropical island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, where several traders ply their shipping routes. The location is a rich hunting ground for pirates seeking for fortune.

In this open world game, players will have to rely on their tactical skills as they custom build a fleet of ships, make allies with other bands of pirates, and battle warships to gain the most loot in order to become a pirate kingpin.

Red Dot Diva is impressed with the astounding amount of details in the "Skull and Bones" trailer and sample gameplay video. The movements and sounds of the ships were very realistic, and the pirate action sequences unfold just like an action TV series. This seems like a game that could immerse a player for hours.

When heading your pirate gang, there are different kind of ships that players can sail - like the heavily armed frigate or the speedy brigantine - and players will have to learn how to read the wind in order to control and maneuver these ships to their advantage.

For Red Dot Diva, another important feature stood out from the trailer. It was the appearance of a female pirate taking command of her own crew and engaging all out battles with other pirates and British man o' wars. She has got to be a playable character right? How kickass will that be?

... and wait, at the end of the trailer... Holy Cthulu! Is that a ... Kraken?

Ubisoft will be conducting several live alphas and betas so that gamers can help test and prepare the studio of the game's launch in Fall 2018. If you are interested, sign up at

"Skull and Bones" will be available on for the Xbox One family of devices PlayStation®4 Pro computer entertainment system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and Windows PC.

Another game announced in E3 2017 that Ubisoft Singapore had worked on together with the lead studio in Montreal, is "Assassins Creed: Origins". This brand new iteration of Ubisoft's popular RPG game franchise is an origin story set in Ancient Egypt, back to the very beginning of the Assassin's Brotherhood.

Through the stunning vistas of the Nile, bustling country villages and gleaming Egyptian cities of old, players can take on quests which will trigger different storylines depending on how one plays each stage of the game.

"Assassins Creed: Origins" was a hot favourite at E3 2017 and earned itself several awards, including Gamespot's Best of E3 2017.

The game will be released in October 2017, and is available for pre-order now! With the pre-order, players will also get an additional mission where they can discover the secrets about the building of the first pyramids!

As Red Dot Diva watched the two games being revealed during the special cocktail event that night her heart could not help but beam with pride. These high profile projects by the talented Ubisoft Singapore studio is something so rare and wonderful.

And if you have always hoped and aspire to work in games, Ubisoft Singapore is looking for new hires!

Don't say bo jio!


Thanks for the invite, Ubisoft Singapore! Jia you!

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