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STGCC 2017: First Few Guests Announced - Frank Cho, Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Leon Chiro and More!

The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, and the 1st batch of guests has already been announced. The local pop culture event returns at MBS' Expo & Convention Centre, Halls D to F, on 9 & 10th September 2017.

The weekend coincides with another event called Chara Expo, which is held at Suntec Convention Centre. However, for those who are more interested in designer toys and Western-based stuff, STGCC is still the place to be!

The first few guests officially announced by STGCC will please many local and regional fans.

Heading his way to Red Dot Island is writer/ artist Frank Cho. Frank Cho has drawn for several comic book titles, like Marvel's "Mighty Avengers" and "The Hulk", DC Comic's current "Harley Quinn" as well as worked on creator-owned projects like "Skybourne" published by Boom! Studios, and "World of Payne" together with writer Tom Sniegoski for Flesh Publications.

Known for his mature, cheesecake style art, Frank Cho has stirred up a series of controversies lately. There was that feud with writer Greg Rucka concerning the censorship of his Wonder Woman Rebirth variant cover art, and his questionable depictions of teenage female superheroes, like Spider-Gwen and The Unstoppable Wasp. Still, Red Dot Diva is pretty sure that would not stop his fans here from swarming his booth for sketches and autographs.

Artist and creator Arthur Adams is also on board as a STGCC 2017 guest. Back in 1994, Arthur Adams was one of the folks who started Legend, an imprint of Dark Horse Comics. Through that imprint, comic titles like scifi adventure "Monkeyman and O'Brien" were published.

If you are not familiar with Arthur Adams' artwork, you have gotta check out his website. His artwork is insanely detailed and the features of his subject seem to jump out of the screen. Needless to say, Arthur Adams is very sought after and he was worked on a vast array of titles including his notable debut with Marvel's "Longshot" and "Fantastic Four", Wildstorm's "Tom Strong Terrific Tales", IDW's "Godzilla" and covers for several DC Comics' titles.

Joining Arthur Adams is Joyce Chin, who is a talented artist and notable creator in her own right. Joyce Chin's first gig was a few issues of DC Comics "Guy Gardner: Warrior" back in 1995. She then moved on to many other titles like "Vampirella", "Red Sonja", "Witchblade", "All New Wolverine" and "Thor".

Not surprisingly, the most excited shrieks that came from Red Dot Diva's social media timeline after STGCC's first official guest announcement were mostly reserved for Italian cosplayer Leon Chiro.

Leon Chiro is not only a professional cosplayer, he is also a stuntman and model. Just from pics of his biceptous hunkiness alone, it is no surprise that Leon counts personal trainer and bartender as his past jobs too.

Leon Chiro is 20th Century Fox's/ Ubisoft's official cosplayer in Europe for the "Assassin's Creed" movie and his take on Aguilar is smoking hot. Red Dot Diva also loves his cosplay for Gaston from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". It is so spot on!

For sure, there are going to be long long lines of fans trying to get their photo opportunities with Leon Chiro during STGCC weekend. Yes, Red Dot Diva is going to be one of these excited fans. :D

The other cosplayer who is on the list is Shimo (霜月), who hails from Taiwan. Those who admire Shimo's superb doll-like cosplays of Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) and Fumika Sagisawa (Idolmaster Cinderella Girls) will have a chance to meet her during the convention.

On the manga side of things is writer-illustrator Takuya Fujima, who is well-known for his work with with the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. He has also designed several characters in that series as well as ViVid Strike! and Black Bullet.

The next guest seems like a given, but Red Dot Diva says that it is a joy to see designer and co-founder of tokidoki, Simone Legno, returning to STGCC yet again.

Simone Legno and the tokidoki booth are such hot favourites at conventions. Simone simply adores his fans. He is one of those lovely famous people who is super-gracious, and he usually ends up taking more time than available with each person, sketching, chatting and doing autographs. As usual, there will be cool tokidoki merchandise and exclusives to be released soon, so look out for more announcements!

More STGCC guest announcements are definitely in the works. For one thing, Red Dot Diva knows that the designer toy segment in this year's show will be booming, with several well-known guests set to make their way here.

Also at long last, gaming fans can expect to see a boost in this segment, with more titles, products, merchandise and e-Sports competitions to join in and root for!

If you are excited about the list of guests announced so far, 1-day and 2-day tickets for STGCC 2017 are already on sale at official ticket retailer Action City!

Prices for the Pre-show advance sales are:
1-day ticket @ S$19
2-day @ S$28

On site ticket prices are:
1-day ticket @ S$21
2-day @ S$30

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