Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the 4th 2017: Special Greeting from Ray Park for Star Wars Fans in Singapore

Pic from Ray Park's Twitter
Even though his moments as Darth Maul were quite short in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace", a heavily made-up Ray Park owned and stole those scenes with his graceful, acrobatic wuxia-style stunt moves wielding the Sith Lord's iconic double-blade lightsaber. And with those few minutes, he earned himself gazillions of fans across the globe.

He has since acted in "X-Men", two G.I. Jones movies, in TV series "Heroes" amongst many other productions.

Red Dot Diva has a huge huge crush on Ray Park ever since she saw him in Episode I, and she was over the moon when she found out that he will be attending Star Wars Celebration Europe, held in London last year. Of course she had to get the photo and autoraph ops with Ray!

The actor is super-friendly to his hoard of fans, and he interacts with the RP Fandom regularly on Twitter and Instagram.

When that day to meet Ray Park arrived, Red Dot Diva was there early, standing in line waiting for the photo op session when he emerged from the green room with his minders, heading toward the photo booth. While he passed by, he was all smiles, giving handshakes and pat on the backs to fans around the area, but never in Red Dot Diva's life would she expect Ray to recognize her *IMMEDIATELY*.

"Hey! I know you!!" He looked at Red Dot Diva, with such an adorable smile on his face, eyes lighting up like stars from a galaxy far far away.

With a shy nervous smile, Red Dot Diva greeted him back and Ray came forward to give her a big warm hug.

Needless to say, there was a melted Red Dot puddle of Diva on the convention floor.

Later that day, she managed to get a special video greeting from Ray Park for the fans in Singapore, and she has been waiting for the next May the 4th to post this up. So, here it is!

PS: Since Ray Park trained and competed in the 1991 Chin Woo International Wushu Championships in Kuala Lumpur before, this video is also for the Malaysian fans!

Do show Ray Park some love by following him on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He posts often, and shares photos of his adventures at conventions as well as his kickass training routines so you can get motivated to keep fit!

May the 4th Be With You - to Ray Park, to fellow RP fans and Star Wars fans in the galaxy!

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