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May the 4th 2017: Celebrate 40 Years of Star Wars at the Fan Zone, Gardens by the Bay!

It's the 40th year of Star Wars, and there is a grand official festival taking place at Gardens by the Bay, but in Red Dot Diva's opinion, nothing beats celebrating Star Wars with the fan community.

Last year's May the 4th celebration at Kallang Wave was a fantastic, heartwarming weekend affair, with Star Wars fans of all ages coming together. Many of whom were decked out in costumes of their favourite characters.

Thanks to a bunch of hardworking, dedicated Star Wars fans - including members of 501st Legion SG, Rebel Legion, Fightsaber and Suhaimi's Gulliver's Chronicles - there is a chance to interact again with the local community again this year! The totally fan-led event called the Star Wars Fanzone will take place at the Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay from May the 4th to 6th, 2017, which is the same venue as the official one organized by Disney and Esprimo.

So, what can one expect at the Star Wars Fanzone?



All those armoured biceps at 2016's May the 4th celebrations!

Everyone loves the bad guys doing good (or being nicely-bad :D). The 501st Legion SG troopers will be patrolling the area, making sure everyone (mis)behaves. You might even get to stand next to Darth Vader and hope he likes you enough not to do a Force-choke on you.

If you prefer friendlier folks, the Rebel Legion will be on site as well. In any case, Red Dot Diva can testify that they are a pack of very yummy biceps - armoured or not.

For a charitable contribution to this year's beneficiary KKH Health Endowment Fund, you can take a picture with your favourite characters at the special photo booth, and take home a photo printed on Canon Photo paper.


Have you ever seen costumed lightsaber group FightSaber perform their stunts and act on stage?

No? Then, you are missing something memorable!

FightSaber the only lightsaber performance group in South-East Asia sanctioned by Lucasfilm, and the members put up a very entertaining show! Don't miss their one and only performance this weekend on 6 May, Saturday, 4 PM at the Main Stage.


Photo taken from 2016's May the 4th celebration
Toys are a large part of the Star Wars universe and at the Fanzone, you will be able to marvel at the the biggest Star Wars Toys Display in South-East Asia!

There will also be an art show featuring a custom skateboards by ProjekPapanK, as well as a collection of the most creative custom-made Lightsabers ever to be seen!

A custom lightsaber by Mr. Ryezal Rogue

Plus, a Star Wars LEGO display. And who doesn't love LEGO??

Toy photographer Sunny Ang aka zekezachzoom has a strong fan following who enjoy his witty renditions of action figures in unexpected and often localized situations. In many of his photos, Sunny finds creative ways to use everyday objects as props or backgrounds. He will be conducting a workshop at 4 PM to 5 PM on all three days of the festival.

You can also find Sunny at his booth at the Fanzone bazaar, exhibiting his cheerful toy photography and selling choice prints as well as postcards!

While you're gawking at all the fabulous various Star Wars displays of galactic proportions, save some of your time and money for shopping!

The Fan Bazaar offer a range of collectibles and items to buy - with proceeds going to charity, KKH Health Endowment Fund.

The talented Band of Doodlers will be on site drawing "live" as well as taking in commissioned pieces on mini canvases for charity.

If need to satisfy your sweet tooth, there will be yummy Star Wars cookies, specially baked for the occasion by Susan Lee.

Several cookie designs like Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Jawa, Death Star and Princess Leia will be available for sale. In addition, Star Wars gummies will also be debuting at her booth this year!

Perhaps, you can try to get on Vader's good side by offering him some cookies!

For the patch collectors, a special limited edition 3-piece set produced by Flabslab, will be available for sale at the bazaar tent. Profits from the sale of these sets will go to the dedicated charity.

Each patch is about 8 cm wide, and consists of an image of one villain from each trilogy - Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Kylo-Ren, against a iconic Red Dot Island landscape. Each set is going at a price of SGD 66. They are so beautifully done and will be set in a folder featuring a seaside, Scarif-style photograph by Eddie Sung of the troopers from 501st Legion SG. A wonderful and rare addition to a Star Wars fan's collection.


For the first time this year, there will also be a Star Wars Tabletop game area, where fans can play titles like X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars Destiny & Armada.

Children aged 12 and under, who think they got their Star Wars bling together can participate in the Kids Fashion Parade on the 6th of May at 5 PM. Signups begin at 3 PM on a first come first served basis. The parade will be capped at 40 participants, and there will be 2 categories in the competition - Younglings (5 years and under) & Padawans (6 to 12 years). The top 3 winners of each category will win some fantastic prizes!

This is not all that will be happening at the Fanzone, so do party with the rest of the local Star Wars community, and help contribute to charity too!

Whether you are on the Dark Side or the Light Side, this is going to be a fabulous Star Wars celebration!


Dates: 4 to 6 May, 2017
Time: 3 PM to 9 PM
Venue: Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1143909972404915/

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