Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Photo Post: Vivocity's Launch of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" Activity Area

Vivocity's ground level atrium has gone "rogue"!

The mall is currently hosting a "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" display and activity area, featuring a 8-metre tall AT-ACT and life-sized Death Troopers.

Lady Raine and kampongchicken, both Red Dot Diva's friends who happen to own rather peculiar handles, were on site at the launch yesterday (29 November 2016) evening. The opening ceremony was also graced by the presence of the folks from 501st Legion SG, Cathar Rebel Base and FightSaber!

Here is a quick photo preview of what you can expect when you visit Vivocity from now till 18 December. The towering AT-ACT is gigantic!!

Imperial forces gathered around the AT-ACT, awaiting deployment.

No special effects here, Kylo Ren is smouldering hot along side his mini-me and TIE pilot escort.

Members of the Singapore Garrison of the 501st Legion flank Joey Lim, aka Angelus of the Neo Tokyo Project (herself a member of the 501st) showing a prototype Krennic costume.
Wait, where's Galen? The Krennic-Galen ship is a real, right? *grin*

Looks like this Jawa prefers stealing from the Empire rather than Diamond Atelier.

The AT-ACT towers effortlessly over their heads.

Entry tests to join the Imperial forces aren't easy.

This guy seems to have mistaken Vivocity for Snow City, but he sure looks good with the AT-ACT!

Don't you think the Red Dot Diva's favourite costumed dudes and dudettes look fabulous?

Red Dot Diva will be making her way to the event tomorrow to check out the "Rogue One" interactive area herself. She hopes to be able to experience the augmented reality booths!


Thanks to Lady Raine and kampongchicken for the photos!

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