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Welcome to "Orange Is The New Black"'s Litchfield Penitentiary Cafetaria: No... No Complaints About The Food!

Hailed by Netflix as one of its most bingeworthy and re-watchable original series, "Orange Is The New Black" (OITNB) the female prison comedy-drama show based on memoirist Piper Kerman's book, just premiered its fourth season last week. According to statistics, about 53% of OITNB fans has re-watched at least one full season of the series.

To create some hype for the series and its new season, Netflix Asia brought Litchfield Penitentiary's Cafeteria right into the heart of Orchard Road. Fans could cure their addiction for two days on 16 and 17 June 2016 when diner & bar Overeasy transformed their Liat Towers branch to the familiar "Orange Is The New Black" women's prison.

If it weren't for Red Dot Diva's geek pal Jas, she would not have known about this interesting promo that was held free of charge, specially for the show's fans. With her fast skillful fingers (*Diva smirkes and wriggles her eyebrows*), she managed to chope their seats for lunchtime on Friday ,17 June.

Besides, Red says she's giving the Red Dot Islanders, with their fussy tastebuds, a second chance:

On the day of Red Dot Diva's incarceration, they saw that there were way too many people who were too eager to serve their time in prison. Just look at the link for Walk-Ins:

It's just as Big Boo says, Red Dot Islanders sure love queueing!

The authorities have finally caught up with Red Dot Diva's naughty deeds. So, before she went through her security check, she thought she as well get cosy with a warden. In case, she needed to trade some favours later on.

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Then, it was time to get her mandatory mug shot.....

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... as well as a prison tat! *biceps flex*

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Each person had a meal ticket from the commissary, (wo)manned by almost friendly fellow jailbirds. Think one of them was trying to get a deal goin' on the side with Red Dot Diva.

With the meal ticket, Red Dot Diva managed to get her lunch tray filled up unceremoniously with tasteless prison food at the cafeteria.

Thanks to Chef Bjorn Shen, here's the Nutraloaf, Corn, Gruel, Mustard and plain' ol' water (or so she hopes).

Dripped over with some kind of gravy, the Nutraloaf was weird tasting but not unedible. (According to the Chef, it was a mashup of mushrooms, cheddar, quinoa, pumpkin and nori.

Surprisingly, the Corn was Red Dot Diva's favourite. It looked deceivingly simple but due to a secret sauce at the bottom of the cup, it was spoonfuls of spicy crunchiness.

Then, there was this slimy Gruel of yoghurt? fruit? Wait, Red Dot Diva did not complain about the chef's food, OK? She hopes it's hygienic. :P

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While chowing down on their grub, the eagle-eyed wardens patrolled the area and made sure everyone behaved and did not get into trouble.

Not everyone was that compliant though, so Officer Pornstache had to get into action!

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And while the wardens were distracted during the altercation, Red Dot Diva found some contraband!

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Now, these would come in extremely useful when one's stuck in a jam!

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They don't give you much time to eat ya lunch in jail, so soon Red Dot Diva and Jas had to get their butts movin'.

That was also an opportune moment to strike up an understanding with Officer Pornstache again, just in case things may get ugly between the cubes.

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Red Dot Diva got lucky though. She's got her chance for parole.

As a parting shot, an important message for all inmates!

Bye, Litchfield Penentiary.
See you soon .... on Netflix!

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Season 4 of the addictive and critically acclaimed series "Orange Is The New Black" premiered on Netflix on 17 June 2016.

Either you're a new inmate or repeat offender, tune into the show for a real good time. You might even find your own prison wife while doing so.

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